Thursday, May 3, 2012

Must See Video: Where the Mitt Romney-Ron Paul Delegate Count Really Stands

This is awesome reporting by Reality Check's Bill Swann.

The first half of this clip shows you the incredible lengths the establishment is going to try and stop Ron Paul delegates from being chosen for the National Republican Convention that will take place in Tampa.

In the second half, Swann breaks down how the delegate count is really going.



  1. it's Ben Swann. Not Bill. You can follow him on twitter @Fox19BenSwann

  2. Ben Swann's latest is "epic" in that *none* of the bound delegates are actually bound:

    Michael G

  3. Ben is right but he does not lay out any potential outcomes regarding the GOP Convention. In the simplest terms among likely outcomes there are two. First, Ron Paul controls enough delegates to have influence over the party planks and make a featured speech to the convention. Second, less likely is the outcome that Ron Paul secures the GOP nomination and the POTUS is reelected. I admit there are more possible outcomes and I invite others to outline them, thanks.

    1. Hey Mikey - at least try to be accurate.
      There are only two potential outcomes:
      1) Romney wins the nomination and gets crushed by Obama
      2) Ron Paul wins the nomination, and as Rassmussen polls have continued to show, wins the general election.

      Your implication that Ron Paul winning the nomination would mean Obama would win the general election is laughable - all evidence shows that Ron Paul would do FAR better against Obama than Romney ever could. Just look at the facts:

      * in 2008 Romney lost to the guy who got crushed by Obama
      * Romney gets approximately 1/10th the number of supporters at his rallys as Ron Paul and Obama, showing a huge lack of general support
      * Romney trails Ron Paul with Independent and young/first-time voters, which are the demographics Obama used to win in 2008
      * Romney won many of non-binding straw polls due to having tons of special interest donations to spend on television and print ads, but he has a hard time getting enough dedicated supporters to win the delegates races, which are what matter.

  4. I think it's much more likely that if RP becomes the GOP nominee the POTUS will not be re-elected. Have you seen the polls matching Paul and Romney against POTUS? Paul wins. Romney loses.

  5. This is nothing copmared to the shenanigans that have been pulled in other GOP delegate selection meetings by the esablishment operatives. It is about time that the sheeple of America "Wake Up" to what has really been going on in the GOP primary race. The levels of outright voter fraud and political corruption against the Paul campaign by the GOP establishment are unparalleled and well documented. The establishment (Romney) operatives have used every dirty trick available to try and impede due process of the delegate selections nationwide. Not only has the Main Stream Media completly censored any real coverage of the Paul campaign it has actually been intentionally misrepresenting the delegate counts to make it appear that the race was over. The Ron Paul rallies have been drawing anywhere from 4000 to 8000 enthusiatsic supporters a night to support his message of peace and personal liberty but not a peep of it in the news. Rallies have become so big they are now being moved to stadiums as the traditional venues will no longer accomodate their size. Ron Paul now has enough delegates to win the 5 states required to be on the ballot at the RNC in Tampa and continues to ammass delegates at a brisk pace nationally. Yet just last week the Republican party began direct cooperation with the Romney campaign in violation of their own party regulations prohibiting that action until all other competitors for the nomination have officially suspended their campaigns. Rest assured that based on the momentum he continues to amass and his popularity with disenfranchised Democrats and Independants, Ron Paul will not be suspending his run for the nomination until all of the votes are counted.You won't find the truth surrounding these issues by simply turning on your TV that's for sure.If you are truly interested in seeing video documentation of all of the above visit for a complete archive.

  6. Ron Paul on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" had enormous audience support. They were cheering his comments as if it were the super bowl. That shows you what this country wants.

  7. I believe that if Romney wins the GOP nomination, it will be about 50/50 against Obama. If Paul gets it and the Republicans that can think for themselves vote for him, he's in, no problem. BUT, I firmly believe that if Romney gets the nomination and Paul runs as an independent, as he has in the past, he will be the spoiler in the fight. The blind DEMOS will vote for Obama, with Romney and Paul splitting the rest. Not enough to beat Obama. I would much rather Paul get the nod than Romney. His foreign policy may not be as slick but lets face facts folks. Until we get our country out of the crap storm we are currently in, we are all going down the toilet, the rest of the world economy included. Just an additional thought: Has anyone actually HEARD a definitive platform presented by either Romney or Obama. Lots of negative junk but no real sound ideas for the next four years so far. Paul? Different story, he wants to choke the FED and I think it about time, should have happened years ago. Wants to stop all the foreign aid to countries that don't like us, supporting or at least turning a blind eye to our enemy's, but are willing to take our money. Why not, they are doing nothing to assist us, and most of the UN (70%) is from countries that are dictatorships. Our government wants to listen to them??????? You have got to be kidding.

  8. It would actually be better in long-term if Obama wins over Romney if Paul is not nominated. The coming crash will be then pinned solidly on the policies of the Left, and they will have hard time explaining away why their socialist nostrums didn't work - and the resulting backlash will put libertarians (Rand?) solidly in power.

    Romney being elected will pretty much guarantee decades of finger-pointing and claims by the Left that it's all free market fault - because, you see, the Repugs were in power, and "everybody knows" that they are free-market ideologues. The fact that Romney differs from Obama only in the color of the skin and the timbre of bullshit will be consigned to the memory hole.

  9. The one thing that I feel sure of is that at the national convention every effort will be made to stop Paul 's supporters. Just exactly how I don't know but they will use every dirty trick they can.

  10. I will vote for whoever wins the GOP nomination. It doesn't matter. Even a convicted rapist as the POTUS would be better than the racist communist we now have.