Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lew Rockwell Sends a Message to the Republican Establishment

He posts at his blog:
You people [the Republican establishment] are complaining, as usual, about anyone who challenges your entrenched and corrupt power, but now especially the Paulians, who are idealistic and dedicated to freedom. Do you want good relations with these wonderful people, who have donated millions of dollars and millions of hours to the greatest cause? Treat them with respect. Follow your own rules. Eschew shenanigans. Stop lying, cheating, and stealing. Then, maybe, you will be worthy to be in the same room with members of the Ron Paul grassroots.

Go Lew!!


  1. As much as I love Rockwell, his words will probably will fall on deaf ears. Republicans and Conservatives want nothing to do with Paul because unlike them he is actual pro-life and believes liberty without government jackboots is the right of all peoples. It's no matter though, Libertarians will prevail, no matter how hard conservatives (both Neo and Paleo) try to shut us down.

  2. After all shenanigans thus far—don’t expect it!

  3. Rumor has it Dr. Paul was upset about the "shenanigans" pulled in OK, and AZ. He doesn't want anyone hurt, and he doesn't want the Republican brand tarnished beyong it's current dullness.

    Sorry, Doc. Too bad. Sometimes you've got to un-make a thing before you can re-build a thing. We're rebuilding the party in Ron Paul's image, bottom up. Counties are done, states are ongoing, national in August at the convention.

    Only then will the GOP undestand the folly of pissing off the Paulbots. When we kick their asses out of their own convention.

  4. Dr. Paul can cure one's apathy. Thumbs down to the establishment Republicrats. Ron Paul truth to power!