Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nothing to Trust from Either Side...

---its all about the military-industrial complex, crony capitalism, regardless of who wins.

Robert Reich is somewhat correct when he tweets:
The election of 2012 will be about which do you trust less: Wall Street and big corps, or Pennsylvania Ave and big government.
But he fails to notice that Wall Street cronies and big corps work with Pennsylvania Ave and big government. It's all one big rape of the taxpayer and new regulations to stop new entrepreneurs from breaking into the game.


  1. I work for a small medical device company (for the moment).

    FDA has recently increased our testing lab time requirements from 2 days 5 years ago to FOUR FREEKIN' MONTHS today!! (at $800 bucks a day!)

    And believe me, safety is not enhanced one iota!
    You think we WANT to hurt patients??? Who have attorneys????

    We only employ about 40 people and 3/4 are effectively workin' for the FDA.

    Do you think Johnson + Johnson mind allocating 30 folks to work on regulatory affairs???

    1. Oh, but Mitt Romney will save you. /sarc

      The sad irony of all of this is that the only guy with enough balls to actually try to do something about all of this is the guy the "testosterone crowd" thinks is too weak. All because he doesn't want to kill foreigners or run the U.S. completely into the ground building high-tech weapons that are only useful against pissant, third-world countries.

  2. Two sides of the same establishment status quo coin.

  3. Rape the taxpaying public and make it harder for businesses to start or survive. Hide behind the nightly news brainwashing apparatus and let the good times roll.