Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Report on Clueless Cameron in Chicago

An EPJ reader writes:
I run a small tech company located in an area created for small techs. We were given an announcement that this morning, a "high-level official" will be touring our facilities.

Everyone thought it would be either Obama or Hillary, but it turned out to be David Cameron. He wanted to tour our tech incubator as he is trying to develop a tech scene in London.

This visit was more PR than anything else (billionaire Pritzker family is a large contributor ), after all, how can you learn to foster a thriving business environment in a series of superficial 15 second long conversations, but I found it humorous that Cameron wants the things the free market has, like tech incubators full of innovative companies (all in Internet tech, which has ZERO govt regulation, unlike, say every other product/service) but is unwilling to have a free market to achieve that result.

After your Q&A at the Fed, I am convinced that those considered to be in the powers that be are genuinely clueless as to what policies it takes for businesses to thrive. I am certain he is unaware that he hurts businesses more than helps them and since we can say with rather high degree of certainty that the powers that be aren't open to looking for solutions on their own (how many times do you think David Cameron has Googled something? Over/under 12) that won't exacerbate their problems, people like David Cameron will never learn because they are surrounded by Yes men and vapid conversations.

Oh well, it must be tough to be a politician; going through life having to literally fake every interaction you have. Imagine if your life was one giant networking event. *gag*


  1. Can you keep him for us? You would be doing us a favour.

  2. This is wonderful to read from an individual in the tech startup scene. Such people (and Silicon Valley types in general) tend to worship at the altar of Obama. This is despite the relative freedom that the tech industry enjoys.

    Everything above is spot on.

    Definitely PR...Entrepreneurship & innovation occurs in the absence of the force of government. The only thing Cameron can "do" is "do nothing" except repeal, cut, and abolish government involvement.

  3. "After your Q&A at the Fed, I am convinced that those considered to be in the powers that be are genuinely clueless as to what policies it takes for businesses to thrive."

    In the case of Cameron, yes. He has the Old Etonion confidence and the polish of the PR man that he was, but underneath it all he's actually pretty thick and he lacks curiosity about his country and the world.

    Like Blair, his interest in politics goes no further than believing he should be in power.

  4. OK, if the elite policy wonks are clueless about economics and finance, the argument kinda goes: "We need a BUSINESSMAN to run things" (e.g. Ross Perot).

    OK, so we HAVE a "businessman" running for president, Mitt Romney. Do we seriously believe that Romney will "fix" the economy???

    I have to think our ONLY hope is to "Smash the State". Fortunately, the elites seem to be well along in the campaign to do just that! :)

    See you at the campfire!