Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Report from Atlantic City

An EPJ reader reports in:

Few things I'm noticing just for conversation.
There's a high-end pier off the boardwalk..(Louis Vuitton etc)...lots of store closings since I was here last. 
Also a new $2B+ casino just opened called the Revel just opened...beautiful but empty. We know two people that work there, one of which who already quit because she said its so slow. 
The other said the same. 
Apple store? Booming. 
Anyway, forgive me if this isn't too interesting. I'm waiting for my wife who is clothes shopping...Figured I'd do something economics related :)


  1. exxon mobil just raised their dividend 21% .... must be from all that deflation they are seeing

  2. It was interesting, thanks.