Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why the United States Lost the Vietnam War

Over at LRC, Michael S. Rozeff  has posted a link to a 1987 interview of sociologist Bill Gibson.

Gibson's discussion of the attitudes and ignorance of the U.S. military and the American people during the Vietnam war has major parallels to America's recent engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Indeed, in an important sense, Gibson forecast that these wars would occur.

This is an approximately one hour and a half  interview over 10 you tube clips, but is must viewing. Find the time to watch all the clips, you will have a bunch better understanding of the Vietnam War, the war in Iraq and the Afghan war and you will learn why U.S. technical war superiority just can't seem to defeat "primitives".


  1. I sat and watched every part, too. It is a fascinating discussion, and extremely accurate. Central planners thought that the variables of technology, industry differences between the two economies, and the understanding of high death rates on the other side equating victory.

    Sort of like when the central planners at the fed or other aspects of the government or even the keynesian investment funds that all take certain variables for granted and assume that people are constant just like water freezes at a constant rate, they made the mistake of assuming that this equation would lead to victory.

    We saw how that turned out.

  2. Yet, in movies, the underdog depicted is quintessentially American overcoming overwhelming odds and superior force especially in "Breaking Dawn", "The Hunger Games", "Battle Los Angeles", "Battleship".

  3. I watched and was left disgusted and outraged. The Vietnam War was an atrocity committed by the US gov on many levels against Americans and the Vietnamese people. Tragically, this same culture of vicious arrogance towards the People is just as virulent today in gov... Decent people of the world are simply cattle sent to slaughter whenever the "elected" demons need to sate their lust for power.

    Generally, people with mental illnesses are admitted to hospitals except those people suffering from psychopathy... For these people, we've created another institution... we call it government.

  4. "Breaking Dawn"-->>"Red Dawn"

  5. Self-defense is the only reason for war. American war supporters and those in power are so arrogant in thinking they could defeat a third-world country that had resisted occupation for hundreds of years. Antony Sutton documents how American-designed (but built in the Soviet Union with American dollars) military trucks and other war equipment was being used against us. I believe that Carroll Quigley told his classes at Georgetown that winning was not the purpose of American wars. The purpose I'm sure is to enslave the world.

  6. Did the US (or Anglo establishment) really "lose" the Vietnam war? If so,what did they lose?

    How much difference would a victory looked?

    Just asking is all.

    1. We lost an Einstein, a Piccado, a Edison.