Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Will This Get Lew Rockwell on C-Span?

Paul Krugman is on C-Span today. In response, Prof. Butler Shaffer, Southwestern University Law School, has sent the following email to C-Span:
C-SPAN has long been a favorite of mine, primarily for its practice of being open to the presentation of alternative policies. From free-market to socialist economic policies; pro-war to anti-war; etc., one could expect to find a broad spectrum of opinions presented.  If Paul Krugman is to become a frequent guest - as he is on the mainstream channels that I no longer watch - I would hope that C-SPAN would adhere to its successful practices and present free-market spokespersons as well.  One suggestion would be Lew Rockwell, at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Aubrn, Alabama.


  1. Fat chance, Krugman learned his lessons debating Ron Paul.

  2. Robert Higgs did a great interview on C-SPAN, spring 2009. Of course, a few monsters called in to heckle him over a 3 hour period. Aside from that, it was fascinating, enlightening and educational. Dr. Higgs in undoubtedly a great man as well as a great scholar.