Thursday, May 24, 2012

You Have to Love Odd Lot Shareholders of Goldman Sachs Stock

A report from today's GS shareholder meeting:
Individual shareholder just asked Blankfein how Goldman is planning to "hedge or profit from" the collapse of the eurozone
Blankfein's somber answer:
says Goldman's looking at credit exposure, contract jurisdiction, as a matter of risk mgmt. Also worried about impact on growth.


  1. The answer might be bankerspeak for 'are you shitting me? The governments are quietly fucking their citizens to stop themselves being hanged from the nearest street lamp and you want to know how you can profit from it? Cos they will throw us and you under the bus to save themselves, douche bag.

  2. I'll tell you what the squid is doing Mr. Shareholder. They are patiently setting up their position so that they can benefit at the expense of their clients. They will position you on the opposite side of their true trade and then profit from your losses. Eat your peas muppet !

    The true state of the market is a manipulated farce and criminal casino. Think about the old saying; if you're sitting at a poker table wondering who the sucker is. it's you. Get it ?

    Buy real assets ( land, metals, art, etc ) and pull your skin out of the game because, unless you are connected or exceptionally lucky, your odds of making a decent return are dwindling daily.