Saturday, June 2, 2012

Egypt's Mubarak Sentenced to Life in Prison

Elitist rulers take note, not often enough, but sometimes you do fall from power---and then you will have to answer to the new regime.

An Egyptian judge convicted former president Hosni Mubarak of complicity in the killings of protesters during the uprising that ended his 30-year rule and sentenced him on Saturday to life in prison.

Reuters reports:
Mubarak, propped up on a hospital stretcher and wearing dark sunglasses, heard the verdict with a stony expression. He had been wheeled into the cage used in Egyptian courtrooms, while the other defendants stood.

Demonstrators outside the court, many of whom had been demanding the death penalty for Mubarak, greeted the verdict with fireworks and cries of "Allahu akbar (God is great)".


  1. "Egypt's Mubarak Sentenced to Life in Prison"

    And what, approximately, do you think that will 'look' like for an ailing +80 year-old former head of state?

    This is his "punishment" for being a U.S. ally through the cold war? Honoring a peace treaty with Israel?