Sunday, June 24, 2012

HOT: Cato's President Forced to Step Down

The Washington Times is reporting that Ed Crane has been forced out by the organization’s board of directors..

John A. Allison, former chairman and CEO of BB&T Corporation, will take over as interim president. Allison is believed to be planning to arrive at Cato's offices in the Washington-D.C. on Monday,, for the transition news to be announced, says WT.

WT writes that
By one account, Mr. Crane is “leaving kicking and screaming,” but he will do so “under the guise that he is retiring earlier than he had planned.
WT did not  report on the reasons behind Crane's being forced out so abruptly. Perhaps it is time Cato addresses the rumors circulating about Crane and cleanse itself from what went on during the Crane watch.


  1. Congrats, Wenzel. You had the story early.

    After first when your posts came out, I thought you were smoking something with your teasing "tales of a senior Cato official", but it looks like you had strong sources inside the Cato machine.

    Again, congratulations. Great work!!

  2. Correction: Cato's Ed Crane was forced to step down from the buffet table.

    Bobby, Bobby, Bobby?? Why do you any of you care? Besides wondering if Crane will snap and eat David Boaz on the way out.

    Cato's the 30 Rock of libertarian think tanks. Sure it is still on the air. Still shows up on the best of lists but now that it is about to be cancelled, you remember that you haven't watched it since season 2.

  3. Remember the fools who posted on this site attacking Wenzel when he first broke the news and accused him of being a gossip and not being accurate? They look about as dumb as the clowns who said Ron Paul would endorse Romney and that he would sell out.

    Where are you who doubted Lew and Wenzel at now?

  4. I still doubt Lew and Wenzel. Crane stepping down has everything to do with the Kochs and nothing to do with Wenzel's "scoop."

    Oh, and the BS you hear from Lew and Bob about Crane being gone within the next month or two ...nonsense. I'll bet Crane remains at Cato until at least the end of the year, if not longer. Any takers?