Thursday, June 14, 2012

HOT: UK Money Printing is Going to be Massive

The U.K. money printing I just reported on looks like it is going to be massive.
Sir Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England,  said during a speech this evening at a dinner in London (my emphasis):
What I can say tonight is that the Bank and the Treasury are working together on a “funding for lending” scheme that would provide funding to banks for an extended period of several years, at rates below current market rates and linked to the performance of banks in sustaining or expanding their lending to the UK non-financial sector during the present period of heightened uncertainty. The Bank would lend, as in its existing facilities, against a much greater value of collateral comprising loans to the real economy to protect taxpayers. But the long term nature of the lending and its pricing mean that the Bank could conduct such an operation only with the approval of the Government, as offered by the Chancellor earlier. So such a scheme would be a joint effort between Bank and Treasury. It would complement the Government’s existing schemes, and tackle the high level of funding costs directly. It could, I hope, be in place within a few weeks.


  1. Gee, as if UK inflation wasn't bad enough already. Looks like its back to the good ol' days for the Britons! Maybe we should start printing "Global Printing Party 2012" t-shirts. Hey, if you do them with a little EPJ-logo up in the corner I'm sure you could sell a lot of em :)

  2. Last week a BOE policymaker announced his support for using QE to buy private loans from the banks...