Monday, June 25, 2012

James Altucher Gone Mad

I am not sure what business model James has created for himself, but it looks pretty crazy to me. I've talked to him about it, but I still don't understand it.

Anyway, right now, he seems to be giving away everything but his underwear. If you sign up for his FREE newsletter. He is also giving away three books that he has written, for free:

I Was Blind, But Now I See

40 Alternatives to College


James is a very sharp person, I don't agree with everything he writes. But, if you read his three books, he will  definitely open your eyes and  provide important insights into how to survive in the current mad world we live in. 

There is no downside to the deal Altucher is offering. If amazingly you don't like what he writes, just stop reading.

You can get all this free Altucher stuff here.


  1. I think he very very honest and good. I have found very much that helps me survive too in our modern crazy world. He does have a different tilt.....but...if only more of us wouls speak from ours the truth of being crazy humans. Yes...many may in denial...but we are all "crazy" in some way or the other. James, like in the "Emperor has No Clothes"...he unmaskes our delusions.

  2. "There is no downside to the deal Altucher is offering."

    Yes there is; the time it takes to even read or investigate it.

    Since my time is worth more than $1,000 per hour and I cannot buy more of it (wouldn't an In Time movie type world be nice?), although my private plane sure does a good job at it, the value proposition of merely investigating Altucher's offering is fairly high.

    I think far too many people take other people's time for granted from reporting requirements, to standing in line at the DMV (both forms of taxes), wading through a phone tree, being bumped on a commercial flight, being pulled over for speeding, etc.