Saturday, June 30, 2012

Krugman Gets Stuffed Trying to Prove Socialized Canadian Healthcare is Great

(ht erik varhaug)


  1. I'm a naturalized American who moved from Canada 12 years ago.

    A Canadian's choice/power over healthcare is quite limited and I have many stories that I can sensationalize to prove my point if I needed to. Of course, the opposite can be just as sensationalized. But putting the demagoguery aside, Boobus Canadianis (to modify a Doug Casey expression) doesn't have a clue what they're giving up.

    The root problem is the complete lack of freedom and overt coercion involved in their system. The Canadian healthcare system (unlike other socialist system, e.g. UK) makes private practice illegal. You CANNOT see a private doctor in Canada i.e. the doctors are FORCED to take government money (strings attached). So when the government decides who gets what care/when, you don't have a choice about it.

    Take, for instance, this new law they're about pass:
    ...not so universal after all.

  2. George Reisman wrote a great article about how socialized medicine necessarily leads to the prohibition of private medicine: