Saturday, June 30, 2012

Will Cato Step Forward?

Reports WSJ:

The city of Houston is turning to an unusual source to help fund rape investigations: strip clubs. 
The City Council passed an ordinance Wednesday that requires strip clubs to pay a $5-per-visitor fee to help pay for the analysis of biological evidence collected from rape victims in hopes of identifying their attackers.

 "There is no known correlation between people going to nice, high-end gentlemen's clubs and rape," said Albert Van Huff, a Houston lawyer who represents local strip clubs.

Perhaps, Ed Crane, as a final Cato gesture, can commission a study on this before he leaves the organization. You know a full analysis on just where libertarians should stand on everything from strip club taxes to date rape drugs.

(ht Kevin K.)


  1.'re right, maybe Cato will ignore it, lousy posers...

    Good thing we can count on our Dear Leader Ron Paul to set things straight, right?

    You're such a transparent twit, Wenzel. I'm so happy, for the sake of the liberty movement, that nobody reads this blog.

    1. From my understanding, Cato's dethroned leader knows a lot more about these things than Ron Paul. Come to think of it, the dethroned Cato leader may know more about these things than most people in the world.

    2. The numbers say that plenty of people read this site:

  2. Cato shmato. This belongs to the ACLU.