Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Latest Leftist Smear of Patriots and Constitutionalists

By Thomas DiLorenzo

The communistic rabble-rousers at the left-wing hate group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center have produced yet another libelous smear of well-meaning Americans who would like to see their Constitution enforced. This time the smears, lies, false innuendo, character assassination, and hate are directed at all those who believe that part of the definition of an American patriot is one who believes in the founding fathers’ philosophy of limited constitutional government.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a far-left hate group whose modus operandi is to attempt to censor criticisms of big government in America by calling people names. If you are a Jeffersonian who believes that limited and decentralized government is better than unlimited, centralized, monopolistic government, then they will label you a racist, a slavery defender, or worse. If you are a Ron Paul constitutionalist, they will insinuate that you are probably a terrorist who would like to blow up government buildings. If you are not a leftist, then you are, by definition, a "hater." If you are a critic of the welfare state, it is because you hate poor people. If you are a critic of the government school bureaucracy, it is because you hate children. If you are a critic of racial hiring quotas (which are supposedly illegal under the Civil Rights Act of 1964), then you are a racist. If you oppose socialized medicine, it is because you hate sick people. If you are a critic of the Ponzi scheme known as "social security," it is because you hate old people. There cannot possibly be any intellectual reasons to doubt government intervention; all criticisms of intervention are motivated by hate and nothing else according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

With the advent of the TEA Party and the Republican takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives, the SPLC issued one of its cartoonish "intelligence reports" on "The Year in Hate," bemoaning the "explosive growth" of "the radical right." Everyone on the "right" is a "radical extremist." There are no radicals or extremists on the left in the eyes of the extreme radical communists at the SPLC.

A recent SPLC "intelligence report" attacks so-called "patriot groups" in America. As is its usual practice, the SPLC digs up a tiny piece of information about one or two mentally deranged lunatics somewhere in America who gripe about the government and supposedly claim to be "patriots," and then insinuate in their "report" that ALL individuals and groups who label themselves as patriots are probably just as crazy – if not dangerous.

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  1. Good on Dr. D for calling these fools out for what they really are: a leftist hate group.

    1. +1

      This article was particularly powerful; I'm voting this as DiLorenzo's best to date.

  2. Public schooling, public-private schooling, corporate sensitivity training and other ngo/government organizations have been poisoning the minds of Americans for decades. I had an argument (it was difficult to simply "discuss") with my boss over the welfare/warfare state, displaying the knowledge that money is fungible, and is spent on all kinds of destructive things that people do not want. They may want the welfare, but they may not want to pay for war, abortions, $8000 toilet seats, etc.

    My boss accused me of not caring about the poor. What would happen to them? I told her that the creation of money along with welfare severely diminished the capabilities of private charity to make a bigger difference. Not to mention programs like paying farmers not to grow food, making organic food artificially more expensive, and the like. We could go on forever: steel and other components used to make tanks equals, say, less cars---I digress. My boss was unconvinced. She told me she was giving me a different viewpoint from what I had learned. I told her that her viewpoint was mostly what I learned in my later years at public school. There were a few teachers who (apparently) snuck in 1984 and Animal Farm. There are a few brighter lights out there who do try to create peaceful, innovative thinkers. The people at SPLC are among the worst of the PSYOP groups out there. Sadly, I think most of the population has been demoralized.