Saturday, June 9, 2012

Peter Schiff Goes to Washington (The Sequel)

Peter lets it rip. For starters, he tells the Congressmen to guarantee the mortgages with their own money, if they want to guarantee mortgages. Then he gives Congress a real education on how FHA is totally destructive. This is awesome.

Peter is my guest on tomorrow's The Robert Wenzel Show. It will be posted here at EPJ before 7:00 AM ET.



  1. The collapse can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned.

    1 sane man in a room filled with self-righteous windbags and vampires....all feasting on the carcass of the taxpayer with dessert being "printed up money" souffle.

  2. The cognitive dissonance was painful to watch.

  3. I will bookmark this one, as painful as it is to see, for those moments when I have any doubt how things will end.

  4. I will bookmark this one, as painful as it is to watch, for those moments when I have any doubt how this will end.

  5. In the film "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" the good Senator comes up with a bill to authorize a federal government loan to buy some land in his home state for a national boys' camp, to be paid back by kids across America.... sounds subprime to me.

  6. I am reminded of this:

    US officials flunk American history, economics, civics

    There's a reason they put stupid people in office.

  7. Outspoken, articulate, coherent, CORRECT - Thanks Robert, looking forward to tomorrow's interview.

  8. Geesh, the absolute stupidity of our elected officials is very difficult to watch. It makes you want to bang your head against the wall. How can there be such an absolute absence of common sense?

    My first inclination is let's get the show on the road. Collapse the economy. But I have to admit that if this is the current mentality of the American people there is no telling what will replace this mess.

  9. I feel despair beyond words watching the entirety of this video.

    These people attribute the success of the United States and the betterment of our quality of life entirely to the federal government. Washington is the savior.

    No. Lobbyists and corrupt congressmen deserve the smallest bit of credit for our success. How dare he say - because our quality of life has gone up so in the last century - that it is a testament to the federal government's policy. Does he forget that we saw all of these inventions and discoveries... the transistor, the jet engine, relativity, smart phones...that came from people smarter beyond all comprehension than the fools in that hearing.

    I cannot idolize the United States government like the members of that hearing. We have essentially legalized corruption, and the only reason the country continues to prosper is because we still have brilliant minds and (repressed) capitalism.

  10. "I've got the answers, you've just got to listen to them." HAHAHA! Classic Schiff!

  11. Single handedly the best Congressional testimony I've ever seen. There's something to be said about speaking truth to power, but I too fear all these words have fallen on deaf ears.

    I wonder how often a panel member calls out other panel members as lobbyists and special interests looking for corporate welfare, interrupting congress people and laying out the truth. What makes me go ballistic more than anything is the holier than thou attitude nearly everyone displayed at this hearing. Its the same 'my shit doesn't stink' mentality and intellectual superiority complex exhibited by Nick Hanauer on Schiff's radio show yesterday. It's sickening to listen to. "You dare question the magnitude of my genius?". Obama carries himself the same way and I can't be the only one to notice.

    Lastly, I doubt any on that panel understood the magnitude of Peter's reply to the Chairwoman calling time. It was under his breath, but he'll be remembered perhaps for that line more than anything I think.

    "Unfortunately, you're right".

    Time IS up. They just don't know it yet. Crack up boom.