Saturday, June 9, 2012

WaPo: Ron and Rand Paul Will Get Speaking Slots at RNC

WaPo speculates:
Expect Romney to give Rand/Ron speaking slots at the convention too in hopes of throwing a sop to the Paul acolytes and push the theme of inclusion and big-tented-ness.
WaPO also believes that Ron Paul supporters can be controlled by Ron/Rand:
Does Rand Paul endorsing Romney mean that the Paul acolytes will immediately cease and desist in their efforts to have their views heard? No. But more so than most people who support a politician, the Paul folks listen to Ron/Rand and follow their wishes.
Hah! First and foremost, Ron Paul supporters are fighters for freedom, if Ron or Rand sway, they will be thrown over board faster than the Washington Post can be folded properly to slip on the bottom of a bird cage to catch bird litter. Witness the negative comments across the internet about Rand, following his endorsement of Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul supporters are about principle. They are not like WaPo reading sheep.


  1. WaPo, get this through your head:

    I wouldn't support Romney NO MATTER WHAT! I don't care who endorses him. He's just another warmongering sociopath who deserves absolutely no support from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Got that? Good.


  2. In my opinion, a speaking slot has little who cares?

    Also, I can care less who Rand endorses.

    I do care if Ron Paul endorses Romney though. That would be a chink in the armor.

    Ron needs to stay pure...For it is his legacy that will pass from one generation to the next.

    1. Exactly, Anonymous. A RON Paul endorsement of Romney is throwing away 45 years of hard work on behalf of freedom, and is an endorsement of totalitarianism. Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney is just that, nothing but an endorsement of totalitarianism.

      A "speaking slot"? No one LISTENS to those conventions speeches but political junkies who like staying up late for no good reason. Unless they are Ron Paul supporters listening to Ron Paul speak. Th vast majority of the population do not pay attention to these stupid conventions.

      And no, the GOP will NOT give RON Paul a speaking slot at their warmongering, NDAA-loving, Wall Street-socialism convention (but they might give Rand a speaking slot).

      The reason that sheeple Republicans and conservatives wouldn't vote for Ron Paul and instead feared his message of freedom and peace is because they instead naively and gullibly believed all the lies and propaganda from Washington these 11 years since 9/11. They are also arrogant SOBs who "Boo!" the Golden Rule, and pray to the Exceptionalist Cult.

      Ron Paul should get out of the disgusting GOP and go third-party, if only to disrupt the whole process, make waves and tell the communist Establishment to go to hell!

  3. "....the Paul folks listen to Ron/Rand and follow their wishes."

    WOW! Just goes to shows how absolutely clueless the media are.

  4. It's funny how you can't comment on Rand Paul's facebook page anymore. I was his friend...I now defriend him. Watch out Rand...I gave you money and supported you on your campaign, but your avarice and political ambitions are tempting you, learn from your principled father. Yes, he had headaches, frustrations, and difficult times, but the man can sleep with a clear conscience, that he didn't make a deal with the devil, so that his children...INCLUDING YOU RAND...can be proud for what he stood for.

  5. One little noticed bit of Politizoid thinking: When an Obama/Hillary type heads into the election,the Newsies all state that, "The Nominee is expected to have to move towards the center now that the fight is over with the Left Wing of the party..."

    Translation: "There are no real beliefs here. Esse ist percipi - To be is to be perceived." Positions are malleable. Truth is Class Functional.
    (BTW, Romney is in a correlate position. Bill Kristol, call your office.)

    Symmetry arguments are of minimal utility but "Can you imagine..." the Newsies saying, "Now that Ron Paul has come through the nominating process, he is expected to move towards the center in an effort to..."

    Not gonna happen.

    Charles Wilson

  6. Whatever the Romney people have been smoking, they've indulged way too much if they are under the hallucination Rand or Ron can deliver their vote for Romney. Only Romney can win that vote, but he'd have to flip-flop yet again on most issues and then convince us that he is sincere. That's a really tall order.

    But certainly, Romney has nothing to lose by letting Ron and Rand speak and letting a gentlemanly platform fight take place. The last thing he needs is for Tampa to become another Arizona state convention. But since it was his people who created that mess, he is in a position to prevent it.

    So Romney needs a love-in now, not to win over Ron Paul supporters, but to avoid alienating them further.

  7. I don't wish harm on anyone, but I don't quite understand how Washington D.C. has not experienced the kind of earthquake that rocked Haiti. Brad Sherman told Peter Schiff that "natural disasters cannot be prohibited by law", but perhaps natural disasters could help us in ridding ourselves of immoral laws that destroy freedom! (I feel inspired by Butler Shaffer in writing a quip like this)

  8. You are absolutely correct. I am not some mindless robot that follows whatever RP says. Sure, I owe a great deal to the man for introducing me to Austro-libertarianism, but that doesn't mean that I'll support a fascist just because he says so. If RP were to tell his supporters to support Romney, I am sure that almost nobody would do so, and all of us would have a very poor opinion of Ron for doing so. However, I don't think that Ron is going to give us reason to be disappointed in him. Especially not now after how successful his campaign has been with regard to creating a real movement.

    Also, while people are angry at Rand for what he did, it really was a smart move on his part, because it doesn't hurt anybody to do it, yet it helps him tremendously. I remember watching Rand's campaign speeches before he was a Senator and being angry at some of the views he was supporting. However, once he got into office, it seemed like he did a 180 on the things that I didn't like about him.

    Let there be no doubt that Rand has been around politics his whole life and is indeed a politician. Only, he seems to do things in reverse: he acts like a statist to leverage himself into a good position, then once he's in that position he becomes the anti-statist. I haven't entirely decided what my opinion of him is, but that is what it looks like from the past few years.

  9. Rand was lying. His eyes showed no signs of conviction at all.

  10. Every time I think the media can't become more clueless they go out and top themselves.

  11. I don't care if Ron Paul, Bob Wenzel, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Robert Murphy or anyone else comes out supporting Mitt Romney - I will not vote for him. Of course none of these people would ever do so. Even if Mitt Romney started saying all the right things I wouldn't believe him. He'd have to have a genuine Damascus road experience, I just don't see it happening.