Friday, June 8, 2012

Peter Schiff on The Robert Wenzel Show

Peter Schiff is my guest this week on The Robert Wenzel Show.

He talks ( a little) about what he saw at the secretive Koch Conference in Aspen, that he attended.

How to get a job on Wall Street.

How regulators have stifled him in his attempt to grow his business.

The real problem with the Facebook deal.

What the next crash is going to look like, and much more.

The show will be up Sunday before 7:00 AM ET, right here at EPJ.


  1. Does he remember you from the 999 tax debate? can't wait to hear the show. You would make a great guest host for his show!

  2. So did you guys just pretend the 999 tax debate never happened, or do you both laugh about it now? or do you secretly hate each other? i'd like an official comment