Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Soros Tax Gets Support From Nurses

The reach of George Soros tentacles never ceases to amaze.

The National Nurses United is out with a press release announcing:
In New York, Founding Fathers and notable figures will start showing their support for the Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street at statues in major squares in Manhattan, donning them with Robin Hood hats and masks...

In 15 cities across the country, including New York, Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles, America's biggest nurses union, National Nurses United, along with students, climate and AIDS activists, and faith leaders, will visit branches of JP Morgan Chase Tuesday, coinciding with an appearance before Congress by JP Morgan Chief Executive Jamie Dimon, whose trading loss of more than $2 billion caused many to underscore the need for new regulation and taxation of the financial sector to prevent future incidents.
The so-called Robin Hood Tax is a tax that would tax all Wall Street financial transactions and would result in wiping out an entire layer of traders. The traders that would be wiped out would result in more advantageous executions for the position trades that Soros likes to implement.

I have never before seen such an odd collection of individuals and organizations come out for such an esoteric tax.


  1. This shows how sick our country is both morally and mentally. Its the same mentality that drives the wars. Fighting perceived evil with evil.

  2. Faith Healers...I can't even comment on that. It would be superfluous.

  3. This is just another example of the ignorance of the "progressives" ( or the attempt to deceive the ill informed ),Robin Hood stole from the government i.e. the Sheriff of Nottingham and his cronies because they were taxing the populace into poverty !