Friday, June 1, 2012

What Took Place During My Interview with Gary Johnson?

The Robert Wenzel Show interview with Gary Johnson was tape recorded last night and a technician for the show emailed the following to me this morning:
I'm still reeling from last night's call......I cannot believe the answers (non-answers) to some of the simplest questions you were asking. It really showed the true nature of Beltway Libertarians.
The show is in post-production now and will be posted here at 7:00 AM ET on Sunday.

You will not want to miss it.


  1. Bob Barr was a libertarian candidate...CIA drug it is not surprising that Gary Johnson would be a phony.

    Just look at who Reason magazine promotes, gives you a good clue about who the phonies are.

  2. Thanks Wenzel, someone needs to cut Gary Johnson back down to size. I can't believe a lot of Ron Paul supporters think he's in the same league as RP.

  3. I think now is the time to be united. We can always talk about ideological purity or differences in policy down the road, as long as the general thrust of where we need to go is agreed upon. There's a real momentum right now, a window of opportunity we can take advantage of to bring the public into our camp. It would be a shame if we missed it due to comparatively minor disagreements, excessive sectarianism or long running but petty personal differences. I'm not accusing any of you of any of this, just trying to convey the idea that we might be very sorry in the future if one day we would feel like we missed the train because we focused on the small instead of the big picture.
    That being said, end the fed, abolish any government institution not having to do with the protection of natural individual rights and bring each and every last soldier home as fast as the means of transportation permit it.

    1. Good post - I am reading Radicals for Capitalism and one of the quotes in that whole book that sticks out is "We would all be Libertarians if it weren't for Libertarians".

      Libertarians are Libertarians own worst enemy. We need liberty minded people of all shapes and sizes.

  4. Can't wait to hear this.

  5. Ha! I was actually thinking of calling you to ask what was going on with the show. It's good to know that it didn't just disappear into the ether.

  6. I still think Gary would be a lot better than Obamney. But no he is no where near Ron Paul.

  7. My Reaction of Bob Wenzel's interview of Gary Johnson:

    1) As Gary tries his best to answer questions in the first few minutes he sounds nervous and grasping for the right words...

    It seems clear to me that Gary is NOT comfortable speaking economics and that he does not follow Mises or Rothbard (but he's heard of them so we should give him credit, pat him on the head and give him a cookie...)

    2) 7:30 minutes into the interview Bob takes Gary apart:
    "Anybody who is a hardcore libertarian is listening to this interview and saying, "You know, Gary does not even understand the basis of the Austrian business cycle theory."

    3) After what may seen like an aggressive series of questions where Bob repeatedly expresses that "hardcore libertarians" would have problems with Gary's responses, Bob thanks his guest and declares that he has good instincts but recommends a crash course on free market economics through or else Gary will be crushed by Keynesian apologists with decades of experience making arguments.

    4) Personal Take: I can't believe how unprepared Gary is to discuss economic policy as well as how bad a job Reason Magazine and the Cato Institute do in educating people even a serious follower like Gary Johnson on the finer points of free market economics and libertarianism as a whole.

    ..well maybe I believe now how bad Reason and CATO really are...