Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's Up with This: African Central Bankers Head to Israel

Could this be another reason  Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was taken out?

The Times of Israel explains why the trip can be conducted now:
With the end of the era of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, whose shadow dominated much of sub-Saharan Africa, countries in the region feel more free to pursue their own policies. 
“When Gaddafi was alive, we were a bit restrained because of his influence on our economy, due to Libyan government investments,” said the governor [ Professor Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile, the director-general of the Central Bank of Uganda]. “But that has nothing to do with our love for Israel and the Jewish people, and our desire to work with you.” 
If anyone has any doubts, he added, all they had to do was look at his name. “Emmanuel, of course, is the Hebrew word for ‘G-d is with us,’ and the first part of my family name, Tumusiime, means the same thing in Swahili. Israel is G-d’s people, and my names speak of walking with G-d,” the governor added. “How could we not love the Jewish people?”
EPJ's Bob English who pointed out the Times article to me adds these comments:
This is interesting for a few reasons:

First, I wonder if the head of the CB of Uganda, prior to dissing Bernanke, knew that Bernanke was a protege of Stanley Fischer (who he praises and wants to model).  Or, that Draghi was as well, as I recently highlighted.

Bigger picture, why is a pro-Israel organization in the US that usually reaches out to "key opinion molders and influential personalities [aka celebrities]" sending African central bankers to Israel?  Their site, linked to in the article and elsewhere, points to a generic spam portal that has nothing to do with the organization:

Also, remember I forwarded you an article that you posted, which stated Fischer was going to head the central bank of Zambia (where he was born)?  A few days ago, I looked for any updates in prep for my Capital Account appearance.  I found none beyond the original story, so thought it was simply a false rumor at the time.  However, given this renewed interest in African banking, I'm wondering if Israel is preparing to be a key link for investment in (and control of) Africa that somehow subverts the typical Western players, or is simply subterfuge for said players.

As you know, many have compared Africa today to China in the 1970's as to opportunities, and Soros and other elites are attempting to leg in anyway possible, especially now that Gaddafi is out of the way.

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