Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Will Jeb Bush Get What He Wants?

Favorable coverage by the establishment media. It's likely to happen. Tom DiLorenzo explains:
Baby Bush (a.k.a. "Jeb," brother of "Dub-Yuh") whines and cries that there are elements of the Republican Party today who believe they are taxed enough already and oppose further tax increases. He cannot stand the fact that there are people who question the notion that prosperity is created by taking money from hard-working taxpayers and giving it to government bureaucrats to spend (That's called "Keynesian economics" to those readers who have not studied economics). He gratuitously praises his father for reneging on his "Read My Lips, No New Taxes" promise (which caused him to lose the election to Bill Clinton), and his brother Dub-Yuh for raising taxes, expanding the welfare state, and becoming and even bigger domestic spender than Lyndon Johnson was.

Such talk is bound to get "Jeb" what he wants -- coverage in the New York Times and Washington Post calling him a "statesman." He may even get a favorable mention by Paul Krugman, which would surely send a chill up his leg


  1. In related news, the CBS Sunday Morning show had a clip from "conservative Republican" Ben Stein imploring the USA and the Fed to bail out the "Eurozone". Middle age and old folks watch that show to know what attitudes are cool, hip and trendy.


  2. Think, Jeb Bush is to Papa Bush as Michael Corleone is to Vito Corleone. Possibly the biggest crime family in the U. S. (the world?). As the truth becomes known many will be dumbstruck. The death, destruction, and suffering they have knowingly engineered and financed will be their ultimate undoing. Observe what happens when you spend your life exploiting others for your own personal gain.

    The godfather and Jeb want the Presidency. Ain't gonna happen! Too many people around the world know the truth. There's no where to run to - no where to hide. When the mob comes be somewhere else...

    I, am Spartacus