Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Glimpse at the Kennedy Machine in Action

Joseph Kennedy III is running to fill the congressional seat that will be vacated by the retiring Barney Frank.

A friend that I will call Steve was invited to one of the fundraisers Kennedy was holding in Washington D.C. He reports that the Kennedys are, as you would expect, pretty smooth fundraisers.

Patrick Kennedy was there, whom my friend does not know. Yet, Patrick, without appearing to look at Steve's name tag, greeted Steve by name and said, "I really appreciate your coming out to support my cousin." After a bit of small talk, Patrick had no problem segueing into asking Steve to leave a check for his cousins campaign.

Joseph P. Kennedy III, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy. He holds an undergraduate degree from Stanford University and a law degree from Harvard Law School.

At Stanford, he studied industrial engineering and was the captain of the lacrosse team.


  1. Industrial Engineering? At STANFORD???
    This kid may be many things (I don't know a thing about him), but dumb he cannot be.
    We all know Harvard Law will diploma a stump, but the engineering dept. at Stanford is a tough joint.

  2. Is the lesson here to get an elite college degree and go into politics? Why not test that degree in the marketplace by getting a real job if he's smart.