Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bette Midler on the Koch Brothers

She tweets:
Who are the Koch brothers and why are they ruining our lives?
They may not know who the Koch brothers are, but the Hollywood crowd is certainly aware of them.

In the latest edition of the HBO series, "The Newsroom," the Koch brothers were mentioned again. This time along with the Cato Institute. The only question that now remains is whether "The Newsroom" will break news on Ed Crane, that MSM failed to go near. The show actually breaking real news about what went down in the Cato board room as an attorney made serious charges against Crane, would be a much talked about first. Sounds like a ratings bonanza to me.

Can we really be far from Midler tweeting:
Who is Ed Crane and what did he do?


  1. I guess that's a good question seeing that Bette Midler, at one time in her life, was a gold bug.

    "Who is Ed Crane and what did he do?"

    He divorced American libertarianism from concerns regarding monetary policy in favor of central banking and regime respectability.

  2. Bette Midler is just a dumb Hollywood twit whining about anything not 'liberal'.

    No sympathy for the Koch brothers is needed to see what is behind her crying.

  3. Or, WHAT is Ed Crane and WHO did he do?

  4. One would think that at least some of the late, great Aaron Russo's libertarian wisdom would have rubbed off on Bette. He was her manager in the 1970s, after all. In fact, he could be the prime reason she "was a gold bug."

    It was Mr. Russo who woke me up to the Federal Reserve and the international bankers (in late 2006). Prior to that time I had had absolutely no idea. See this great interview, which he gave not too long before he passed away, and also his famous documentary America: From Freedom to Fascism.