Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Along the Road to the United States of Europe

The bankster tools are using the current eurozone crisis to create a greater government monstrosity in the eurozone that will result in a unified banking sector and a unified fiscal sector. It will cost the eurozone citizens dearly. Reuters explains Merkel and Hollande plotting:
In the lush gardens of the Elysee Palace in Paris, the seeds of a new Europe may have taken root. It was there, hidden away from EU summits and photocalls, that French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel began to forge a closer relationship than many expected.

On June 27, the two leaders met privately in Paris and, after weeks of public tension preceding Hollande's May 6 election, had a lengthy one-on-one discussion, French officials said.

Hollande took Merkel for a 10 minute walk around the Elysee gardens, before settling at a wooden table on the terrace with interpreters for a half hour chat on the state of the euro zone. They then adjourned to the Salon des Portraits, with its opulent gold-painted walls and crystal chandelier, for a 90 minute dinner with close advisers.

According to several sources, Merkel sought Hollande's buy-in for bold steps towards greater political union. It is unclear what she offered in exchange...

Lost in the post-summit spin was the fact that the core of the deal had been sealed between Merkel and Hollande in Paris before the summit, not forced down the German leader's throat in Brussels.

Their relationship, and how they resolve points of disagreement, will be key to the future of Europe. Through interviews with the two leaders' closest aides and European officials who have witnessed them in action, Reuters has been able to sketch out a picture of the Franco-German couple's crucial first weeks and assess where they may take Europe in the decisive months ahead.


  1. Let us all pray, chant, divine, whatever, that EU Central Banking(with teeth) does not happen as is being pushed by Draghi(and many behind the scenes actors). Will TPTB pull a TARP(bailout) or Obamacare, where the populace was clearly against the measures, but in the end they were ramrodded through.

    Thanks for shining the spotlight on this, it will be another dark day if it happens!

  2. "Will TPTB pull a TARP(bailout) or Obamacare, where the populace was clearly against the measures, but in the end they were ramrodded through."

    Come now, don't be naive. The question answers itself. Of course the politician/bankster whores will sell out and force feed a New Europe to the whimpering masses. It's a done deal already, nothing left but the devilish details. You didn't really think they would let the bad investments/economies get liquidated did you?