Saturday, July 7, 2012

EPJ Week in Review

  • Delusions of Power: New Explorations of the State, War, and Economy

  • Who Killed JFK and Why?

  • The Difference Between the LIBOR "Scandal" and the Federal Reserve

  • Are Banks Raiding "Allocated" Gold Accounts?

  • Barack Obama, His Mother, and the CIA

  • LBJ's Great Grand Kids Having Some 'Fun' on July Fourth in Rhamaland

  • Richard Posner Turns Keynesian

  • Krugman on Romney's Massive, Off the Charts, IRA

  • Rand Paul Wants To Know Where Every Middle East Exchange Student Is At All Times

  • Ron Paul Issues Update on Tampa Rally

  • In the Broke State of California...

  • Biggest Contributors To The 2012 Election Thus Far

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    Saturday 6/30/12

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    1. REMINDER: Thought you might want to include the "EPJ Week in Review" label on this one. Thanks so much for having these compiled. It's so helpful.