Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gene Callahan and I Get Annoyed By the Same Thing

Who would have thought it?

He writes:

Things the Weatherman Does to Annoy Me
1) Treats averages like they are norms: "Well, the temperature ought to be about 83 today...
I don't watch it often enough to remember who it is, but there is a gal on The Weather Channel, who does it regularly.


  1. I too am often surprised if and when I come into agreement with Dr. Callahan. Then again, he and I argue so much that I often forget that there actually are some things that we agree on. I couldn't tell you what those things are, but I know that they exist (somewhere).

  2. I thought in the Stefan Molyneux interview you were using the temperature as an example of averages that lead to expectancy? Or is expectancy not equivalent to normalcy?

    When we say, for example, that 83 is the expected value, how is this any different from saying that the value ought to be 83?