Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ice-T Is Right: There Is No Way to Regulate Against a Determined Killer

In light of the Aurora massacre, Paul Huebl writes:
Explosives are nothing more than a mixture of relatively common chemicals and the connection of a detonation system. With a little knowhow anyone can obtain and create explosives similar to what destroyed the Oklahoma Federal building. Frankly there is no way to regulate the sale of bomb-making materials. Police can only arrest after bombs are assembled and discovered or if a conspiracy to manufacture or use a bomb is somehow exposed.
In other words, if you are a nut job with an average IQ or better, you don't need guns to kill a lot of people, which is pretty much what Ice-T said:
You know what I'm saying, if somebody wants to kill people, you know, they don't need a gun to do it



    When you see the actual FBI stats on murder, the calls for banning certain types of rifles are even funnier. The highlights from 2010:

    12,996 murders
    6,009 via handgun
    1,704 via knives
    745 with hands & feet
    373 with shotguns
    358 with rifles

    This trend goes back every year on the chart, from 2006 to 2010: rifles are roughly around 3% of murders, four times as many people stabbed to death, and twice as many beaten to death. Yet they are what the gun banners harp on? Is it bc they look scary and are easier to fool the public about?

    1. Wow. Great stuff.

      Maybe they're vilified because they can be used defensively against troops (or storm troopers).

      Outlaw Feet!!!!

    2. I wish wenzel would post this. The numbers are rather shocking compared to how the media treat rifles....

      And yeah, "assault" rifles are a potential threat against the stormtroopers of the govt, not a safety threat to the general public. knives and handguns are far more deadly if public safety is the issue...

    3. Wow, after seeing this I went poking around to other information.

    4. Chris, what kind of other information did you find? These FBI stats are pretty shocking.

  2. This lady says it best:

    1. What courage!
      Speakin' Truth to power.
      Been a while since I saw this clip.
      Thanks for the reminder.


    Reality Check from ben Swann on what Ice T said

  4. You guys don't understand. While thing young man may have been extremely determined to commit a mass murder, strong gun laws, or perhaps even a ban, could have saved lives. It sends a message to criminals and potential kooks that society as a whole says "guns are wrong" loud and clear. With guns harder to come by, maybe he would have given up on his evil plans?

    >>inside the mind of a liberal*<<

    *not of the Manchester School variety

    1. >>inside the mind of a liberal*<<

      That was freakin scary.

      ...Are they really like that?


  5. Had the pilots on 9/11 had guns, or better yet, concealed carriers as passengers, we might have saved over 3,000 lives, 3 buildings, 4 planes, a war on terror and 10's of thousands of casualties in Afghanstan, Pakistan and Yemen. Perhaps we wouldn't have a Dept. of Homeland Security. The destruction of freedom kills more people than gunmen.