Monday, July 2, 2012

Max Keiser on HBO's News Series "The Newsroom"

Max tweets:
My review of "The Newsroom." Imagine "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" if it were written by David Mamet after a stroke.


  1. Maybe a better explanation for those of us who have never heard of the Mary Tyler Moore show?

    But judging by the fact that it's writted by Aaron Sorkin (West Wing), it's probably garbage.

  2. The myth of the intrepid newsman who holds truth as his highest value is a major tenet of the religion of the state. It is identical to the myth of the policeman who holds justice as his highest value, or the politician who holds his constituents and the constitution as values at all.

    Aaron Sorkin writes about all 3 myths. He writes these stories because he thinks on some level they are true, or because he wants them to be true. People that watch his shows are watching religious myths promoted by an acolyte of the religion.

    1. @ Unknown

      Very well put. So many of the statist I know put their faith blindly in the corporate media and its lackeys. I theorize that they saw ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN, or some TV show or movie like it, and they've been captive ever since to the idea that journalist are some kind of priest class. I guess in the era of news characters like Cronkite, it was somewhat understandable, but nowadays?

  3. I haven't seen the show -- the HBO special preview was enough for me.

    "The Newsroom" is like Sorkin's other baby, "The West Wing": It has many actors playing one character.

  4. Glengarry Glen Ross was stellar.

    I don't believe Marmet could write such garbage as "Newsroom" even after a stroke.