Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mitt Romney First Introducing the Individual Mandate

A totalitarian ego maniac, who knows what's best for everyone and therefore mandates what products MUST be bought. Not much different than Rack Bam.


  1. With Romney being a "totalitarian ego maniac," I'm shocked that Trump would nestle into bed with him.

    Like two peas in a pod.

  2. All states are required to provide free health care for uninsured.

    Like a business-man would, he worked out a practical solution for existing situation (other people having to pay for uninsured).

    What is you solution mr.wenzel ? LEt the uninsured die or be denied care. I am actually for it, but its not practical or possible under current political situation. Just like Ron Paul is never going to be viable.

    You have to solve problems with whats dealt. Not day dreaming of ideal world. Get real, please.

    1. Is this a joke? Please tell me you're joking. If not, just go to here and get to reading.

    2. If there is such a demand on a state, then nullify it. Problem solved.

    3. This guy is a business man? What's his business plan? Buy insurance or I'll kill you? Where did he learn his economics, the Book of Mormon?

      How can anybody listen to this dope and think they are going to get anything different from the dope already in the White House?

  3. @Anonymous @10:36PM

    Oh, no, not another brainwashed statist than can only conceive of people being charitable when they are threatened with jail time and police batons.

    And what's up with "insurance" being equated with getting care?

  4. Insurance evaluates risk and makes people pay proportional to risk. It is used to prevent significant loss. When people use "insurance" to pay for a $200 checkup or $20 birth control pills, it isn't insurance -- it is a payment plan. Now insurance companies cannot even charge proportional to risk, it becomes equivalent to a ponzi-scheme a-la social security, just with different ownership.