Saturday, July 14, 2012

Oliver Stone's 'Savages'

I saw the movie 'Savages' last night. I note that some critics panned the movie, saying it was not believable. I found it to be the kind of intense,drug war shoot'em up that you would expect from Oliver Stone--with some odd plot lines that, again, you would expect from Stone. I am not going to provide a full review of the movie, but I do want to point out a few lines delivered by John Travolata, who plays a crooked, on-the-take DEA agent. Lines that a libertarian can fully appreciate. At one point, in trying to give a sense that the drug war is a mess and rife with corruption and something that should have been expected to turn out this way, he says, "It's just like Iraq."

At another point he says, as a crooked agent, "We have to make our money now. Drugs are going to be made legal soon and then all the profit is going to be gone. The opportunity is now." This, of course, supports the libertarian claim that drug gangs and wars wouldn't exist if drugs were made legal.

At another point, Travolta, in trying to explain how powerful the female leader of a drug gang is, says, "When Hillary Clinton grows up, she would like to be as powerful."

The movie does have some off-the-wall violence, but there is a plot and this trailer probably gives a sense that there is a little more violence than there actually is


  1. This movie is absolutely atrocious and the amount of violence is irrelevant to that.

    The dialogue is so god-awful bad, the incessant narration treats the viewer as so idiotic that it literally will inform the viewer that a scene in which nothing happens other than a boy and girl saying "I love you to each other" is a scene about 2 people who love each other.

    I'd send people I strongly dislike to see this movie and feel guilty about doing so.

    1. LOL, this was an Oliver Stone movie, which means a guy strung out on drugs and booze for decades. You are supposed to go to this movie to see if he can actually string together any coherency at all. That's the entertainment value.

      This was not intended to be the movie version of the life of Ludwig von Mises.

  2. ---The talented STONE apparently has moved back into
    his Wall Street daddy's apartment and is sleeping on the couch.

    --His 'authorized' dissent, and '80's Show' demoralizaiization ops
    and retreads really are getting tedious.

    MEANWHILE, as we stand in the final stages of RED China handover
    and takedown ----Hollywood has BALKED and BURIED

    ---the 200th Anniversary of the Defat of Napoleonic Globalism at Moscow

    -----the 100th Anniversary of the ever more sinister Jeckyl Island USURY
    and EUGENICS pow wow and coup

    --------the 40th Anniversary of the Nixon-MAO handover summit

    -----------and the 20th --30th --40th --50th and NOW 60th Anniversary
    of the Globalism, mind control, RED China and EUGENICS 'unfriendly'

    --------------------------KOREAN WAR--------------------------.

    AGAIN --in 2012 ---in this the 11th hour ----STONE ---is AWOL!

  3. Stone's JFK is a great movie. Even if you ignore the whole conspiracy theory angle and just watch it as a movie. In fact it is even better if you do take it that way.

    1. What conspiracy? Even the government later admitted to at least 4 shots being fired which proves a conspiracy. You need to stop reading that work of fiction aka the Warren Report. Magic ass!