Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ron Paul Campaign and the Republican National Committee Working Closely

Oh boy, this doesn't sound good. USA Today reports:
The Paul campaign and the Republican National Committee have been working closely over the past few months to work out logistics in order to include the Texas congressman and his supporters in the August convention in Tampa.

"They've just treated us like a friend and like a coalition," said Jesse Benton, a spokesman for the Paul campaign. "They have been honest brokers in working with us and treated us with respect."
When the establishment is treating you "like a friend," watch your back and watch your wallet. Honest brokers at the RNC? Benton can't be serious.


  1. Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer.

  2. I have NO FEELING for Benton.
    Why the Doctor couldn't do better than this is tragedy.
    The only grain of what may come the most closely to resembling truth, is the RNC finally getting a waft of what everyone else smells exuding from their 'golden boy'.

  3. Really? This is what it's come down to? I'll see ya'll on the other side of the collapse.

    1. We need to be in position to make a difference after the collapse. Having influence within the RNC would defintely be an advantage. Once the foreign policy issue has been settled by our obvious inability to afford an interventionist foreign policy, many in the GOP will find our message to be very attractive.

  4. I was thinking the same thing.

  5. The system works both ways. Some Paulites, remember, have been elected to the new Republican National Committee. Meanwhile, we have liberty candidates like Phillip Massie, Justin Amash, Walter Jones, and Jack Bills that we would like to see elected or retained in Congress, and we want the National Committee to help them. Nothing is gained by fighting with the National Committee or the Romney campaign. But the movement has been able to spread the message and has become far more influential by working within the GOP. Look what the Libertarian Party has accomplished. They can't even get 1% of the vote nation-wide. Would I want to see the Liberty movement put a lot of resources into the Romney campaign? Definitely not. Those should be reserved for liberty candidates, but there is no point in picking fights with them either. It's not like we have anything to gain by keeping Obama in office.

    1. Yeah that would be Kurt Bills, not Jack Bills. And Thomas Massie, not Phillip.

      You obviously know what you're talking about...

    2. Walter Jones isn't even taken seriously by Tea Party people:

      "Already, tea party activists have cried foul over one caucus member’s vote this month for the Democratic legislation overhauling financial regulations.

      Pointing out that North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones was one of only three Republicans to support the bill, a writer on the influential Red State blog asserted “his membership on the Tea Party Caucus tells me they’ll take just about anybody. Kinda defeats the purpose, does it not?”

      Read this too for some more back-up info:

      Got that?
      The Tea Party caucus will take anybody. People not even sufficiently conservative, according to people in the Tea Party. Yet as far as Robb is concerned us libertarian rubes are supposed to believe characters like these are part of the "liberty movement".

      Give it up already, Robb. Nobody's buying your many attempts to corral libertarians into the Republican farm.

      P.S. The Libertarian Party has no traction because if you're gonna vote for compromise with nonsense, why even bother to jump ship? You can compromise with evil while having a nice career just fine in the Republican Party.
      So by all means keep peddling the nonsense.

    3. Kurt Bills is a theocon, not a libertarian.

      Nobody who has any understanding of liberty would use the state to ban gay marriage and so discriminate against some people while protecting others. Obiously, Bills wants to use the state to impose his religious views on the rest of society.
      Either the state should treat all adults equally (which is the most fair 'statist' solution), or it should get out of the marriage business completely (which is the libertarian solution).

      It's not as if Bills HAS to support this, but he does anyway.
      Gary Johnson didn't support this statist garbage either back when he was still a Republican. But Bills does.

      So once again you are trying to sell us a statist as a "liberty candidate".

  6. Benton is either more stupid and pliable than I thought; or he's been a plant from the start.

    If he thinks that the GOP will want anything to do with him after this campaign he is a fool; he will be cast aside. He's seen for what he is in the liberty movement, and as a rube and useful idiot by the GOP. After the Ron Paul campaign gravy train ends, he'll have to give up his six figure salary and go back to washing dishes.

    1. "Benton is either more stupid and pliable than I thought; or he's been a plant from the start."

      What do YOU think?

  7. I've been a little disappointed. Trying to work with a political party that has consistently been pro-war, pro-debts, pro-Big Government socialist welfare/warfare schemes, and anti-civil liberties and unquestionably pro-armed police/military is just not realistic.

    The GOP f***s America every election, with every Republican President, as much as the Democrats. Remember, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me," well, now it's "fool me about ten or twenty times," with this GOP now. It will never end. Try to face that fact.

    The GOP is one-half of the one Government Party, and they will never ever promote freedom, private property, voluntary contract and voluntary association, and due process.

    Ron Paul (or someone!) needs to get out of the GOP and run third-party and shake things up in Washington. This election campaign needs to be disrupted by a serious third-party Revolutionary who will really shake things up and cause the statists some kind of grief.

  8. The RNC wants the donor list and whatever extra cash the campaign has laying around. You've got to at least hear an offer. Partisan politics is a money game.

    How valuable is that list if RP donors will only ever donate to RP? Eh. Nothing wrong with someone overpaying for a list.

    1. Unsubscribe from their mail list would be a good start.

  9. Just a thought...

    A lot will happen and come to light prior to the November elections. Romney could well go down in the financial scandals that are unfolding. Obama may not survive the birth certificate and social security card issues that are now starting to make even the MSM. This would create a vacuum at both conventions, and in the case of Obama a constitutional crisis.

    Most Americans are now well aware of the fraud, scandal, deceit, theft, and criminal activity at the highest levels of the government, financial institutions, Wall Street, and corporate America. The system is bankrupt and crumbling - "It will not last the night" - Edna St. Vincent Millay

    The two party system is now seen as corrupt and divisive - part of the problem rather than part of the solution. I would humbly suggest that the next President may be totally unexpected and ascend at the national conventions. Perhaps this a way to save what works rather that throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    I, am Spartacus

  10. I think Rand Paul is still in the running for VP even though it's not being mentioned in the press....

    and I think this is a result of that possibility.

  11. Anytime I read "said Jesse Benton" it immediately invalidates whatever I'm reading.