Saturday, July 7, 2012

Soros Manipulations in Romania

Daniel McAdams has this fascinating report:
Yesterday the Romanian parliament and its prime minister, Victor Ponta, voted to remove President Traian Băsescu from office. It is the second attempt to remove Basescu in five years, as he survived another attempt in 2007 by winning a public referendum on the question of his removal. The Romanian political system is roughly similar to that of the US and France, in that the president has real governing power rather than simply ceremonial duties.
Băsescu has crossed the US government on a couple of issues, including his refusal to recognize the independence of Kosovo and his decision to pull Romanian troops out of Afghanistan in 2009. One fiercely hostile article about Băsescu in the Romanian press suggests that he has been incompetent in his attempted sell-outs to the US, bungling his role as promoter of US-sponsored color revolutions and "contributor to the failed attempts of the former Bush administration to open the Black Sea to the oil-related interests and aircraft carriers of the U.S."
Strangely...or not...Băsescu's chief rival in government, Prime Minister Ponta, held a press conference today at which he announced that his new "special adviser on security and economic strategy matters" would be none other than retired US General Wesley Clark (!!!), who had a rather different view of the Kosovo situation.
Interestingly enough, as a Romanian publication reports about the seemingly strange new partnership between Clark and Ponta:
Currently Clark is on the board of directors at BNK Petroleum, an oil company of which George Soros acquired a 20 percent stake through his investment fund Quantum Partners LP. While serving as a NATO commander during the conflict in Kosovo, Clark hit the headlines when the commander of the British forces disobeyed his order to open fire on Russian forces massed in front of Pristina. “I am not going to start World War III,” said the British commander. Wesley Clark was removed from the NATO command before the end of his mandate.
According to a Google translation of a Romanian language article, "The prime minister said on Thursday with his new counsel had a first date and a first discussion 'on issues about Romania's potential investment in the energy and agricultural area.'"
What is happening in Romania? Once again in the former East, George Soros appears to be coming out on top.

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  1. While Clarks's appointment as a counselor to the current prime minister might suggests that what happens in Romania has an international component, the prime mover of the current Romanian events is the incarceration of former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, the mentor of the current Prime Minister Ponta. This is the first major politician in the history of post-communist Romania to go to jail for corruption, and Romania is definitely a serious candidate to the title for world champion corruption-wise. The entire political class has coalesced around Nastase, the idea is to suspend Basescu and appoint somebody else who will pardon Nastase, and allow business as usual to continue. There is no question Basescu is pro-US, while the opposition is rather Russophile, I believe the appointment of Wesley Clark is just a signal, by the opposition to the US, that the objective of the current events is targeted only at president Basescu rather than a larger strategic realignment of Romania with Russian interests, which is overdue in mho.