Saturday, July 14, 2012

Upcoming on the Robert Wenzel Show

July 15: Bill Bergman-a former Federal Reserve (Chicago branch) economist and policy analyst, who has raised concerns about unusual currency transactions pre- 9-11----including billions in one hundred dollar bills. Also, in mid-2001, while at the Fed, he wrote a paper exploring the implications of extraordinary executive branch authority in a Presidentially-declared national emergency or ‘time of war’ for Federal Reserve ‘independence.’

July 22: Scot Horton-Libertarian radio host extraordinaire

July 29: Stefan Molyneux-will discuss his book, Universally Preferable Behaviour.

August 5:   Livia Elena Araujo PĂ©rez--- the mysterious and beautiful woman, who spoke truth to Paul Krugman about inflation as theft, will be my guest.  We will talk, Paul Krugman, inflation, Spain and the euro.  

August 25: Lew Rockwell--Discusses the upcoming Republican National Convention and much, much more.

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