Friday, July 20, 2012

Will Ron Paul Vote for Mittolini?

 Lew Rockwell doesn't think so: 
Is Ron Voting for Romney 
Maybe, according to Politico. But I don't believe it. Ron didn't vote for the fascist Bush, so why would he support Mittolini?


  1. From a congressional standpoint, there should be far less pressure on Ron to vote for Mitt. It's his last term, he's retiring, and the last thing I think he'd want is V.P. Though it would be great to see Paul break at least one tie in the Senate. I don't think supporting Romney is worth any gain Paul could make, like V.P. Romney is going to be just as bad as Obama. After all, presidents are lackeys for the corporate-state. They'd get rid of it if it didn't suit their purpose. I think
    Romney has been groomed to run as a sure failure against Obama. But if he happens to win, it's the same old thing: our overlords still win.

  2. It is irrelevant whether Ron would personally vote for Romney or not. He already had done everything that needed to be done in order to help Romney and elect him. He okeyed Rand's despicable endorsement, effectively subverted via Jessy Benton his own campaign, condemned via his spokesmen his own people who were working tirelessly to take over some additional state party organizations and so on. It is clear as a day that he sold out his libertarian base and severely compromised his legacy in order to secure political future of his son within John Bohner's and Mitch McConnell's Republican party. And that's all. It is a sad and depressing story, but it won't help to ignore it and pretend Ron Paul is a sort of guy we radical libertarians worshipped (with good reasons) all those years.

    Btw here is what Ron said about voting for Romney

    “I’ve not made a decision...[Romney] certainly offers different things than the current president, but, I think the current conditions in this country make it rough for anybody no matter what, because the conditions are in terrible shape"

    Does this sound encouraging to you?

    1. You have absolutely no evidence he 'ok'd' Rand's endorsement. Even Rand only said he discussed 'the issues' with Ron. When pressed whether he had discussed the ENDORSEMENT Rand evaded.

  3. I hope he does. I'm so sick of seeing the Ruler's mug on the tv all of the time.

  4. @Ivan Jankovic
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  6. "I've not made a decision"??? Is he serious? What is there to decide? Romney (like Obama) supports NDAA, which allows the military to lock Americans up forever without a trial or any due process whatsoever. This is dictatorship, and anyone who supports dictatorship is not qualified for public office.

  7. Oh c'mon Politico, learn to read between the lines. A Republican says he's not decided if he'll vote for the Republican nominee? That's code for "no I won't", tempered by Paul's tact and desire not to rile the party faithful.

    Ron Paul won't vote for Romney in a million years. I've accepted Rand's betrayal because I never really trusted him in the first place. But for Ron to make the same switch... that's a bit too much for me to fathom.


  9. One question is whether Ron would vote for MR.

    Another question is whether Ron would jump through some cable news pundit's hoop and say one way or the other rather than do so at a time or place of his own choosing.