Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beyond the Grabbing of Brandon Raub

The grabbing of Brandon Raub appears not to be an isolated incident. Thanks to a commenter who left a link to this chilling story.


  1. My question is, how is someone supposed to respond to a situation like this? Can you refuse to be taken away? I'm guessing not.

    1. Remain calm. Don't open the door. Turn your videocamera on. Call your lawyer. Call the police department. If they know you are inside, or if you feel you must talk to them, do so through a security door, or deadbolt. If they ask you to come outside, refuse. If they say they want to talk to you say "we can talk perfectly well through the door." Ask them if you've been suspected of a crime. Ask them if they have a warrant for your arrest. Ask them for their justification for coming to your home. Poke holes in their story. Remain calm, and ask them if THEY think you pose a threat to yourself of the public. Inform them you've called a lawyer. Inform them they are being videotaped. Get their names and badge numbers. If they won't go away, tell them you will voluntarily go for psychiatric checkup later that day. If they still insist, do not let them come into your house. Exit and lock the door behind you. Continue to stay calm. Find out who called the cops in the first place. Never talk to that "friend" again. Sue them for unjustified arrest.

  2. http://www.amazon.com/Counterinsurgency-Warfare-Theory-Practice-Classics/dp/0275993035

    The author, David Galula, goes into great depth on tactics and techniques for insurgency as well as counter-insurgency. In reading this book you can understand why GEN Petraeus said that "The population is the key terrain."

    And as a matter of tactics it should be apparent after reading this book that technology and materiel are not decisive tools in this type of warfare.

    This is an opportunity to understand a great deal of the thinking behind the methods that produced news-worthy events throughout the 20th Century and beyond.

    And largely these concepts constitute Governments' Counter-Insurgency playbook.

  3. Adam Kokesh also did an interview with Raub if anyone is interested.


  4. Give me a break. Now the American Christian Right Wingers are crying that there is a war against them? Psychosis? I apologize, but any individual who holds a fundamental belief that a sky wizard sent a talking snake to damn all of mankind forever might not see reality clearly. Or that an all loving being states that is you plant different crops together the whole community must stone you, or if you wear mixed fabrics you deserved to be exiled.

    How about turn the tables, its these fundamentalists who in the name of a sky wizard halt the progression of science and technology. Its these fundamentalists that have hijacked the world and act in the name of something that cannot be proven. When was the last time these people looked in the mirror.

    Christians have the largest churches, the riches of the world, have condemned non-believers and members of other beliefs, yet the world is at war with them?

    Enough is enough.

    1. You're missing the point. Or do you think it's okay for the government to put people in psychiatric hospitals for their religious/political beliefs?

      FWIW, I do think many Christians right-wingers bear responsibility for the police state that now ensnares them. And if they think all their problems started when Obama took office, they are truly delusional. But then, so are most left-wingers.

    2. As a Christian, I think belief in God makes lots of sense. Obviously your statements about this "sky wizard" sending "a snake to damn all of mankind" betrays a gross ignorance or mischaracterization of what Christians believe.

      Wearing of mixed fabrics is from Lev. 19:19 and does not list exile as a punishment.

      Planting of crops together is from Deut. 22:11 and does not list stoning as a punishment.

      What would it matter if these were explained to you? You wouldn't understand anyway!

      So far as your "science and technology" reference, it was Christians who were at the forefront of the development of science. You don't know your history.

      What "science" are Christians halting "progress" on? Cloning of human beings? Indiscriminate killing of the elderly, young, and mentally ill for population purposes? Can you tell us how this is "progress"?

      And btw, Christians do not condemn others - the Bible teaches that those do not believe are "condemned already" because of unbelief (John 3:18)

      Aside from all of this, as Anonymous @11:52 stated, does this make it any more moral to take these people and subject them to psychiatric care because of their thoughts?? OR is this "progress" in your eyes?

    3. Luke 19:27 - Hows that for tolerance?

      Regardless, playing the "quote the Bible" game is lame for justifying ur morality and ethics. The Bible is filled w contradictions thus appliable to the worst and best of human actions...it's just another book of short stories. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. maybe they'll take adam kokesh next.