Tuesday, August 21, 2012

These Supermarkets Won't Stay Open Much Longer

If this nuttiness continues:

Supermarkets are not the bad guys. Governments that suffocate the economy are. But those illiterate about basic economics are massive, around the globe. The suffocation by governments will make many people desperate and cause them to lash out in all the wrong places and demand more government suffocation, i.e. regulation.

(ht Ryan Underwood)


  1. That's 100000% true. My question to everyone, who is familiar with Austrian Economics, how do we fight back or teach those ignorants?

  2. No teaching involved here. If the shopkeepers were allowed to own and use lead projectile machines, this wouldn't be much of a problem.

  3. Well at least one government official has ended all pretenses and gone completely transparent to show who and what they are: Thieves and Thugs.

  4. No one will teach them because the vast majority won't listen or understand. If you're not an 'expert', you don't know anything. Anyone in the know should already be prepared for months of zero access to stores, banks and have a local black market plan to help curb communities from self destructing in the face of radical change. Everyone will go wanting but at least death, rioting and other unrest can be mitigated.

    That is the best we can hope for.

  5. Who is John Galt? Ayn Rand was prophetic in Atlas Shrugged. The path of the producers will be going Galt when the statist come for the loot. The world will be left in misery.

  6. They all look like they are starving. I wonder who they will rob when the stores are empty?

    1. I do not wonder; having lived in metropolitan areas in the US for over forty years, I am confident that, "wealthy" or struggling, "public servants" will always have the will to rob someone.

  7. Too bad the store owners weren't waiting inside with Saiga 12's and 30 round clips of salted buckshot.