Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cato Propaganda about Republicans and Paul Ryan

 Chris Edwards writes at Cato:
Ryan is an articulate defender of free enterprise, and he consistently argues not just for the practical advantages of smaller government but also about the moral imperative to cut. America will face giant fiscal and economic emergencies unless we make major reforms to the government. Mitt Romney, of course, has had a rather mixed record regarding free markets and limited government. And Ryan–as a good politician–has compromised many times as well. But if the next administration is Republican, and if it decides it wants to push major reforms, Paul Ryan is uniquely qualified to lead the charge.
It just might be worthwhile seeing Romney and Ryan in office just to show how much crap Edwards is writing here. Nothing will change under Romney-Ryan, taxes will not go down, regulations will not be cut, the surveillance state will not shrink, the military adventures overseas will not stop.

Ryan is nothing but a master con man. He uses camouflage when he goes bow hunting and  uses free market rhetoric as camouflage to grow the state.


  1. You can see these turds being groomed 10 miles away. The last turd was Barack Obama. I remember the NY Times running front page stories of a nobody senator from Illinois, probably two years or more before he ran for president.

    They are well polished to the untrained eye of the typical school-bred John Q. Public, but to the rest of us, they are just polished turds.

  2. I saw that article, and thought it was disgusting as well. I wonder why they would sing his praises?

    1. Because beltarians are bought frauds.

  3. Ryan is a Romney clone. It's hard to get upset about Romney picking himself as his running mate, but it doesn't leave much use for rejoicing either. The only difference between Romney and Ryan is that Ryan didn't have to flip-flop to reach his current views.

  4. Ryan uses camouflage while bow hunting? What does he do, fantasize that he's in Afghanistan? (Honestly, these chickenhawks and their sicko fantasizing!)

    Camouflage for bow hunting! Just another sicko politician.