Sunday, August 26, 2012

Clooney to Attend Obama Fundraiser in Switzerland

George Clooney is expected Monday in Geneva, Switzerland at a fundraiser for President Obama's re-election campaign, Democrats Abroad said.

DA could be a CIA-affiliated group. The international vice-chair, Vicki Hansen-Thackray, dabbles in micro-finance. Both Obama's mother and Giethner's father were involved in micro-finance. Thackray is based in Luxembourger.

The international treasurer is Katie Solon, She is a former US Foreign Service Officer, now based in Vienna, Austria.


  1. Not really surprising he's a heavy Obama supporter. Being a celebrity doesn't necessarily denote intelligence. In all honesty, it would probably be a detriment.

    Penn Gillette appears to be the exception not the rule.

  2. Didn't the democrats just bust Romney over foreign contributions?

    1. As jeff Goldblum said in a fantastic movie years back ( unfortunately I can't recall the name atm ), " There's no countries anymore, Just rich people and poor people. We're all rich so we're on the same side. "

      Foreign, domestic, extragalactic for that matter. It's irrelevant. Both the red and blue team are supported by the same elite "powerbrokers" that brought us to this fiscal precipice in the first place.

      It's all the same shit. Buy some land, some metals, some food, and some ammunition. Pull your wealth out of the banking system and let it starve itself to death.

      I, for one, am done with this utter farce.

  3. What an asinine post this is!

    I'm Vicki, and I am a teacher at the University of Luxembourg! Robert Wenzel should do his homework before posting rubbish! Honestly! I came to Luxembourg many years ago because my spouse worked at the European Parliament. I stayed there because I had kids there. Born and bred in Iowa.

    I cry at a slightly soppy movie - hardly the material of CIA, and the closest I ever got to George was believing in the necessity of promoting the United Nations as a worth while institution.

    The Internet - the last refuge of rogues and scoundrels! At least when Mr. Wenzel is blogging...