Sunday, August 26, 2012

Murdoch on the Future of Newspapers versus the Internet

Rupert Murdoch is again this weekend tweeting up a storm:

Simple equation: free, open uncontrollable Internet versus shackled newspapers equals no newspapers. Let's get real.

Only lesson for Prince Harry: avoid playmates with cameras!


Just returned after three days in Silicon V and San Fran. Amazing sense of entrepreneurship but few new mind blowing innovations.

And last week:

Only 4 per cent US graduates doing hard stuff - science, technology, engineering and maths - versus 31 per cent in China. We HAVE to change.


Obama's love of wind farms plain crazy. Uneconomic, inflationary, ugly, everything wrong and pure waste of taxpayer's money.

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  1. Hilarious. Great trip in Silicon Valley and SF but few new mind blowing inventions.

    Well Mr. Murdoch, let me explain. True invention comes from the profit motive and an environment where risk, drive, spontaneity, vision, and lack of governmental interference reside.

    In our current state as a country, and as we continue down the road previously travelled by a multitude of countries through the ages, this will not occur.

    You're comment smacks of the worst kind of hypocrisy since you, yourself, are a significant part of the problem.

    Feel free to respond via tweet you arrogant, self aggrandizing, prig.


    Common Sense