Tuesday, August 28, 2012

HOT: RNC Disrespects Ron Paul from the Podium

The delegate roll call for the Republican presidential candidate is being taken right now, and only Mitt Romney delegate votes are being announced from the podium. None of the Ron Paul delegate votes are being announced at the podium.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer is calling it unprecedented and a snub of Ron Paul supporters.


  1. Just building for the Great I Told You So.

  2. Dumb, dumb, dumb, the failure to announce the Paul votes will likely be a story that runs for days and will make Romney look bad. The announcement of the roll call will only be seen for an hour and hardly anyone will be paying attention.

    I don't know who's calling the shots in the Romney campaign, but they seem bent on making Romney look as venal as possible. If they had done nothing at all, Romney would be just fine, but they have manuevered in ways that will keep Ron Paul people and at least a few pundits knocking Romney for weeks.

  3. I'm on the convention floor. It was worse than a snub. We submitted plurality of 5 states, but RNC changed rules to majority of 8 states to be on the ballot. Since we could not meet the standard of the new rules, only Romney's name was in nomination. So, they changed the rules in order to deliver this snub. Paul supporters shouted his vote count to fight the snub, and we were heard by friends watching the live TV coverage.

  4. Romney is filthy, lying, vote-stealing thug.

    I would jab an ice pick in my eye before I would vote for him.

  5. The Republican party is truly endearing itself to this independent voter from a major swing state.

    By the way, They need to stop sending me letters asking me to donate to the Romney campaign. That campaign and the Republican party will not get one dime from me.