Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Woods Body Slams Jaitly and Keiser

Tom writes:
Last week the Keiser Report, hosted by Max Keiser, featured a segment with Sandeep Jaitly, a follower of Antal Fekete and the author of the above tweet. Now, Jaitly doesn't seem like the worst fellow in the world, so I don't relish criticizing him, but saying Mises made too many deviations to be considered an Austrian economist is really too much.

On subjectivism, on reverse imputation, on "cost of production," on method, on marginal utility, on the origin of money — on everything we remember Menger for, in other words — Mises was a Mengerian, and thus an Austrian. One would hardly suppose there could be any controversy in this at all...

Read the entire takedown here.

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  1. Anybody catch this jewel?