Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jesse Benton Wears Bullet Proof Vest to Meeting with Maine Delegation

In Maine an all-Ron Paul delegation was selected in the state's caucuses, only to be stripped of their delegate slots by the RNC and replaced with Romney delegates. This needless to say is not making the grassroots Paul supporters very happy. Many blame the behind the scenes deals cut with the Romney camp by Paul campaign manger Jesse Benton for the debacle in Maine and the overall poor influence RP supporters are having at the RNC.

How concerned is Jesse that he has done wrong and that the grassroots RP people are not happy with him? It appears he wore a bullet proof to a meeting with the Maine Ron Paul displaced delegates.

An EPJ reader emails:
Jesse Benton is wearing bulletproof vest to talk to the Maine delegation? That is what one of the commenters suggests, but I thought he was just fat, until he turned around. He is wearing body armor.


  1. That absolutely is a kevlar vest; you can tell by the thickness and shape of the rear panel.

    He is telling them "we are in the right" and "we have the moral high ground"; while he sold them out. No wonder he is wearing kevlar.

    He made a lot of money off of Paul Inc.

  2. Look at how sheepishly guilty that boy looks.

  3. Wenzel,

    Maybe instead of continuing the lynch mob scapegoating of Benton, you should contact Ron Paul and ask him why he treated Romney in the debates and why Benton is saying that was a product of being in talks with the Romney people. That seems like the honest thing to do.

  4. Reports are that Ron Paul and Romney are good friends. Still, I don't see any reason why the Paul camp would have been talking to the Romney camp from early in the campaign onwards. Romney has clearly sold out to Wall Street and the military-industrial complex, and the Paul camp didn't have anything to offer Romney that could possibly compete with that. Romney was losing in Florida, Michigan, and Ohio until his PACs poured tons of money into those states. He basically bought the election with special interest money. I don't see why the Paul camp would want to be any part of that even from a politica-as-usual point of view.

  5. I doubt he was wearing it specifically for that small gathering, which seemed to be unplanned.

  6. There's "someone" who dines out every day on the campaign donor's $ in the eateries in and around Lake Jackson, according to the FEC reports. It isn't Ron. Most places seem to be within a couple of miles of the Benton McMansion which is in Lake Jackson.

    Isn't it interesting that Jesse's body armor covers both his front AND BACK. Perhaps he's finally hearing what the grassroots are saying.

  7. No matter what the truth is, this story makes me sad. That anyone would think or even consider implying that RP supporters are violent enough to assault a fellow human being over a disagreement in my opinion is a succinct admission of failure for the libertarian movement. If we can't even be peaceful among ourselves, how can we lecture the rest of the world for using the violence of the state to solve problems?

  8. A couple of things:

    1. When you are a "leader" of a movement, it's good practice to say "we" when rallying your troops instead of "you".

    No solider wants to hear "you" did this or will do that...they want to know the people in leadership are invested....hence "we".

    Of course, maybe Benton isn't which case "you" makes perfect sense when he refers to Paul's delegates from Maine.

    2. I find it interesting to see Benton's facial expressions when the one delegate/leader from Maine is telling him that he's not playing ball(not coming into the convention). When Benton's suggests/asks "Are you going to the beach?" and the delegate says "No, we are going to stay here and talk to the press" the look on Benton's face really is an incredible "tell".

  9. Benton has so angered the grass roots by calling them everything from "radical fringe" to "nutbags", all the while forgetting that they, through their donations have allowed over $600,000 to be paid into his personal bank account.

    He has also personally abused one, Adam Kokesh, who is a marine vet with PTSD.

    And now....Benton is a conspiracy theorist, whack job, paranoid enough to be wearing kevlar?

    He's not near as dumb as he looks.

  10. He can't even look them in the eyes.

  11. With all the "grassroot" calling for his head, I'm sure he'll need it.

  12. I've been saying Benton was full of shinola since the 2008 campaign. I consider it Ron Paul's weakest point that he never fired Benton.