Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Absurd Promotion of Paul Ryan as a "Radical Free Market" Advocate

This time it is coming from Jennifer Burns an Assistant Professor of History at Stanford University. She writes at the New Republic:
By selecting Ryan, Mitt Romney is gambling that the radical free market capitalism of Ayn Rand has moved definitely from the fringes to the mainstream of American life.
This means she either doesn't understand what Paul Ryan is really up to, or doesn't understand what  radical free market capitalism  would really look like, or both.

What Romney is really gambling is that Ryan can snooker voters into believing that he is pro small government.


  1. well technically he could have read Rand but didn't understand anything else than big business being under assault from the evil statists in the government.

  2. So all this time, there were 2 radical free market advocates in government!!

    Paul Ryan and Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul was ignored, blacked-out, laughed at, and called every name in the book.

    Paul Ryan became VP candidate.


  3. This is standard play for both the right and left.

    Take tax cuts as an example. The right advocates some minuscule tax reduction. It's to the left's advantage to call it "huge," or "draconian." It's also to the right's advantage to "huge," and "bold."

    No difference with Paul Ryan. Both the left and right have incentives to sell his free-market "radicalism." They are codependent on the lie.

  4. Oh for God's sake! How many times have we gone through this? Some Republican always ends up being accused or promoted (depending on who's talking) as some "radical free market" advocate. Spare us the bullshit please!

    Are people really THIS stupid? They actually buy this crap? It's like like playing tic-tac-toe the exact same way and losing every time. Meanwhile you NEVER learn that you're being tricked with the SAME OLD bullshit trick!

    Hey....worthless Americans...Open your DAMN Eyes!!

  5. FYI - Jennifer Burns's book "Ayn Rand: Goddess of the Market" is available through mises.org.


    Jeff Riggenbach briefly discusses this book, along with "Ayn Rand and the World She Made" by Anne C. Heller, in the Libertarian Tradition podcast "A History of Ayn Rand". Hopefully, these links works. If not, you can search for it on youtube or mises.org.


    Riggenbach made a Part 2 to the Ayn Rand edition of the Libertarian Tradition podcast with "Ayn Rand and the Libertarian Movement". Here he gives a more detailed critique of Burns and her book. He also skewers "conservatives" and the linking of Ayn Rand with conservatism (e.g. Paul Ryan).


    Jennifer Burns's views on Rothbard are also referred to in the Libertarian Tradition podcast "Mr. Libertarian, Murray N. Rothbard".