Sunday, August 19, 2012

No Pizza in Detroit After Dark for LBJ's Great Grand Kids

Tim McKenna, 19, was shot while delivering pizza in Detroit.

In the wake of the shooting, a Jets Pizza franchise in Dearborn ruled it will no longer deliver to Detroit after dark, reports CBC Detroit.

“Usually they have two go into Detroit after dark, if they have a delivery … One guy has a legal, he can carry a gun.  That night, Timmy was the only one left, they had this one run to do, he said ‘yeah, I’ll do it.’ He’s a kid, he doesn’t think anything’s going to happen to him,” said the teen's mother.

McKenna was shot in the ribs, and the bullet hit a lung, but he survived and plans to return in the fall to Adrian College, where he plays football. Pizza delivery was his summer job.


  1. Man, thats horrible. Out trying to make some side money and get shot by some piece of shit.

  2. Well he wasn't carrying Skittles so Al Sharpton doesn't care.