Friday, August 31, 2012

North on D’Souza’s Anti-Obama Documentary

Gary North writes:

I went to see 2016: Obama’s America. Dinesh D’Souza wrote, stars in, directed, narrates, and did the original research for it. If we look at this from the point of view of its success as a documentary, I think it is effective. It is making money in theaters. This is amazing for a documentary. It is a campaign year documentary, and it is a good one.
It is also dead wrong. That is because it misses the fundamental political fact of the last dozen yeas: the Obama Administration is the operational successor of the Bush Administration. In Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Guantanamo, on Wall Street, Barack Obama is George W. Bush in blackface. Obama is the star of a twenty-first century minstrel show.
This fact has been deliberately ignored for almost four years by both the neoconservative Right and the grin-and-bear-it Left. Neither side will admit what I regard as the fundamental fact of this documentary. It is a long whitewash of the policies of George W. Bush....
So, all things considered, I did not think much of the documentary. It is artistically pretty good, and it gets its neoconservative message across to the assembled choir. But on the issues that really matter, it is either wrong-headed or silent. On foreign policy, it is a defense of the neoconservatives’ version of Middle Eastern foreign policy. He devotes a lot of time interviewing Daniel Pipes. Pipes is a major proponent of the neoconservatives’ interventionist Middle Eastern policy. On the real federal deficit — unfunded liabilities — it is silent. On the on-budget deficit, it ignores Bush and Congress. The deficit is a bipartisan disaster. To suggest otherwise is not just misleading, it is deceptive. It raises hope where there is none. “If only we will not re-elect Obama!” On the deficits — on-budget and off-budget — it makes not a whit of difference. There will be a Great Default.
He fails to pursue the obvious — the influence Jeremiah Wright — while he promotes his own peculiar thesis of Obama as an anti-colonialist son of his absent father. I kept thinking, “Anti-colonialist? If only it were true. If only his foreign policy were not an extension of Bush’s.”


  1. LOL, check out the comments Gary is getting under that article: Lots of tea partiers demanding to be un-subscribed, and calling Gary a "liberal." I guess that's what you get for calling yourself the "Tea Party Economist." Lots of Republican warmongering dummies who only want to hear brain-dead partisan rhetoric.

  2. People are so damned upset in the comments over there. It's rather humorous.

  3. Judging by comments of North's blog there are still plenty of delusional conservatives who refuse to see the truth between Obama and Bush. It's quite pathetic and amusing at the same time. You could almost predict the reactions at this point, it's the same ones I get when I "debate" conservatives on Obama vs Romney on how it's a rigged contest to start. The real problem with these conservatives is that it's not that Obama isn't killing Muslims it's that he's not killing enough of them at a faster pace.

    FYI I did not watch the movie, I have no interest in giving money to a statist like D'Souza. I already know why Obama is a statist.

  4. I'm sure Dr. North understands the demographics over there. You gotta go where the sinners are and a small percentage of readers converting to his pay site is a win, along with those who are open enough to hear his take on things.

    Quoth Strother Martin: "Some men, you just can't reach..."

  5. So to sum up those comments:

    But... buut OBAAAAMA... KENYAN SOCIALIST... 9/11... wmd... derpty derp derpity doo.