Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paul Ryan: 'Biggest Brown Noser'

In high school, Paul Ryan's classmates voted him as his class's 'biggest brown noser.'

(Via Atlantic)

(HT Travis Holte)


  1. So in voting for TARP he voted for something that offended his principles in order to preserve his principles. Add to this that he was a brown-noser. I now Ayn Rand's influence: he is emulating one of her villains.

  2. I swear the Republicans WANT Obama to be Prez. First McCain/Palin, now THESE two Bozos.
    Good thing I don't give a shit.

  3. I am beginning to think there is an agreement between Reps and Dems (since 1992) to have the office for 12 years. Otherwise how do Clinton and Bush 2 get re-elected? Also explains McCain and Romney