Monday, August 27, 2012

Paul Ryan: "Ron Paul is a Friend of Mine"

Big deal, so is Barney Frank.

Ron Paul is a gentlemen and treats everyone with respect. What is important is that Ron Paul does not agree with Paul Ryan on Ryan's desire for war, his phony budget cutting and the need for bailouts for banksters.

Romeny-Ryan are desperate. They want the vote of the Ron Paul supporters real bad. Ryan is a fraud.

Here's Ron Paul on Paul Ryan:

(ht Travis Holte)


  1. Most of the people that supported Dr. Paul are far too well informed to fall for this kind of thing.

  2. I am not as much of a great gentleman as Dr. Paul. So...I will say that Paul Ryan is human garbage, and a fake Catholic. He is not even a good politician, because he is really bad at lying. Nevertheless, he is a liar.

    If he was honest about his shared values and support of Ron Paul, he would have refused the offer on the Romney ticket, and endorsed Ron Paul for president. I am a poor Catholic too, because I have a hard time praying for enemies who impose slavery upon me and my fellow human beings. I am completely disgusted with most Americans who have not awakened to our situation. Severe constructive anger that is directed in a non-violent, but disobedient fashion (through voluntary choice), is everything that is needed right now. All I hear from Americans is the superficial "laugh-track" that accompanies their focus on television, sports, and celebrities as they continue to enable their own slavery, and the slavery of their children. To them, this is "the good life."

    Digging holes and filling them in again, wouldn't be so bad, if government didn't force people to pay for it, or kill people over it.

  3. Doncha just love that shortly - probably MINUTES after he was part of spitting in the faces of those who voted for Paul and delegates who support Ron Paul, he says he wants to get back to the founders' principles?
    Kiss my grits, you phony, lying, slimy, jerk. I'll be getting as far away from the likes of you and yours as humanely possible, and I will have lots of company.
    I need a shower with a disinfectant after looking at that. Yuck!