Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan's Slick Healthcare Plan

Anybody who believes Paul Ryan wants the government out of healthcare is falling for a typical Paul Ryan scam. He slices, he dices, he throws up some smoke and then he brings out the mirrors---and then he brings in the government.

Ryan's plan calls for keeping medicare intact for anyone who is 55 or older, then he gets slippery with his plan. For Americans currently under 55, his plan will give them a health insurance voucher as high as $8,000 per year. Government will get to decide what insurance companies are eligible to accept the vouchers. Ryan says all the major health insurers will be approved and accept the vouchers. Guess what that means? Edge to the major insurers.

Ryan says his plan will eliminate the Independent Payment Advisory Board,aka the Death Panels, a panel of 15 experts nominated by the president to recommend policies to cut Medicare costs, which is part of Obama's Affordable Care Act. But it is just slick packaging by Ryan to claim that his program does not include a death panel. With the government approving what insurance companies are approved to accept vouchers, the government will also by necessity have to approve the minimum services and types of services the insurances companies will have to cover. In other words, Ryan's plan takes the death panel into a deeper and darker backroom. I suspect it would eventually drive out of the healthcare business all insurers that are not part of the voucher accepting crowd--just like Obamacare will do

Indeed, the Ryan plan has a lot of  other bells and whistles that Obamacare has. It requires insurance companies to insure people who have pre-existing conditions (which means someone, somehow, will be paying for these added costs heaped on the insurance companies for this) Ryan's plan also has adjustments on the size of the voucher based on wealth an income. It's socialist through and through.

It's not a surprise that ABC says:
Underneath the rhetoric, however, Ryan's plan to reform Medicare -- a central part of his 2012 proposal -- bears some glaring similarities to President Obama's health care plan.
Like his Price Stability bill, Ryan flashes and dances about getting the government burden off peoples backs, but when the smoke clears, Ryan is one big government dude.

Real healthcare reform would get government out of the sector, not set up some kind of voucher system that keeps government in the middle of healthcare for the benefit of the crony healthcare industry. The Ryan plan sets up such power centers that the evil will seek to take advantage of. It would result in higher costs, poorer quality treatment and less innovation.

Ryan is a real bad operator because his slick moves will make many think he is attempting to shrink big government. He isn't. He just has a shinier suit with a slicker spiel.


  1. So in retrospect it wasn't a surprise that republican Justice Roberts found in favour of a new health scheme with the health insurance industry staking out positions in both parties.

  2. Bravo Wenzel, Ryan smelled like a snake the first time I heard the guys name just ads to the already festering pile of lies that he spills.

  3. I call him "Wrong Paul." As in, "Everyone calls Wrong Paul a deficit hawk but he's really a turkey."

  4. You idiot. This plan is is an alternative to fee-for-service Medicare. It introduces competition and consumer choice into a part of the health care system that is already socialized.

  5. I hear more scum spewing from the mouths of democrats and the third world president, the illegal occupier of the white House, and his lying, thieving America hating Administration. They are the worst and the lowest political creatures to ever walk the earth. We'll be coming in droves on November 6th 2012 to vote that Papa. Oscar. Sierra; out of Washington and back to Chicago where the rest of the thugs there can enjoy him!

  6. ad hominum arguement, and if you look at it, the republicans have more skeletons in their closet at the moment. ignorant fool