Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Peter Schiff Wants Youtube to Pull Benton Video

Peter Schiff wants youtube to pull the video in which he is reading an email from Jesse Bentom where Benton is attempting to influence Schiff to not attend the P.A.U.L Festival.

Benton called the festival "bad news".


  1. Awww, I'm crying for this guy.

  2. Schiff is not a Rothbardian, that's for sure. The filming didn't deprive him of anything belonging to him. And the appeal to a violation of Florida law?

    And he goes on and on. Methinks he does protest too much. (And at the end he says he thinks it won't hurt Benton much anyway.)

    1. "Schiff is not a Rothbardian"

      You're absolutely right. He has some good insight at times economically(but not all the time, he pushed customers into some bad foreign investments on the basis of dollar strength but didn't foresee the printing of money by other gov'ts too).

      He's a decent contributor to the Liberty movement in some ways but fails Rothbard's "hate the state" test.

      He's somewhat hawkish on foreign policy and thinks gov't should have a role in society. I'm not sure I'd even classify him as a minarchist. His viewpoints seem to more closely resemble that of an Objectivist(or if you're Gary Johnson, Objectionist...haha...I keeed!).

  3. Benton has aligned himself with the establishment to execute a poor attempt (poor attempt at being subtle) at dividing and conquering loyal Paul libertarians. It is working pretty well with Schiff. Those of us who rightly suspect Benton had no need to see that video of the Benton-to-Schiff message. We know that Benton is a Judas.

    Most Americans are still unaware of how bad our problems are, and what the difficult solutions require. They don't want to change the way they live, in order to achieve the long-term goal of a free, moral, and prosperous society. If they understood, Ron Paul would be getting the nomination because the political pressure of Americans would be too great. Ron Paul would also be in more danger personally from the establishment, as we have seen with the murder of J.F.K. This low-level scumbaggery to derail Paul is the most noble of the power elite's actions, because they have no qualms launching wars, torture, or political murders to enrich their power and stolen wealth.

  4. Peter is videotaped all the time! His statements were damage-control on behalf of the Benton colluding rip-offs. What an embarrassment, Schiff! Political player. Attends Kock getaways. That's fine. I don't begrudge free assembly or free association, but don't try to pass yourself off as a victim of privacy violation. Puh-leeze! Conjuring a fringe group within the liberty movement is only used to corral and concentrate Ron Paul's liberty base over to the Romney-Benton camp. Fine. Go! How will you feel when Paul Ryan and Romney, eye fixed on Iran, have to justify mass murder in the next war. Neocons ask, "What is our oil/minerals doing under your land?" The Neocons are no longer a fringe of the Republican Party; they are the republican party. It's their foreign policy that you endorse if you compromise with and sidle up to Benton, Schiff, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and Romney. Oh, wait, don't tell me. It's for some greater good down the line. What, 30 years from now? I got a piece of beach front property on the moon. Though I like and listen to Peter occasionally, for him, principle has its price.

  5. What a load of crap. He was outside in the parking lot. Whoever recorded it was obviously not hiding the fact that they were recording it. Now Schiff wants to get all huffy about his privacy?

    How about you don't read your text messages out loud to other people if you want them to be private.

  6. lmao @ Peter complaining about the airing of his viewpoints.

    If it's me and I want to speak to someone in confidence I at least take the step of going someplace where only myself and that person are talking without anyone around.

    I also state the fact up front, "I'd like to talk to you privately please".

    Seems like S.O.P. to me from a business & interpesonal perspective.

    I think Peter have a tough time winning any "wiretapping" lawsuit because he was speaking in public with the full knowledge that there were people around him.

    Really, if he wanted that stuff kept private it's no one's fault but his.

  7. Very disappointed by this. Peter is a coward. I will consider liquidating my Europac holdings.

  8. I bet we can find a better person to complain about than Peter Schiff. I listen to his radio show in full at least twice a week and I don't recall him compromising on too many issues, actually...any issues at all.

    He constantly rails against the Fed, excoriates republicans and Mitt Romney as being no different than Obama, explains Austrian economics to the dull masses, etc.

    All I see from this video is that he may not comprehend that Benton has become an insider and probably said a thing or two he doesn't even really believe because he was mad about what happened. Is he supposed to spend all his days checking every action of Benton? He runs a business, he does a radio show, he's got a kid. Give me a break.

    I'm sure everyone else here is perfect! Schiff has done more for the freedom and liberty movement recently than all but a handful of people.

  9. Are you guys serious?

    Thank you Derrick. Sometimes I wonder who's side Wenzel is on sometimes. What a joke. Slow news day?

  10. Schiff's an 80/20 guy.

    80/20 is usually a term reserved for describing the commitment level of advocates of various diets (see Paleo as prime example), and in the case of diets can still be effecitve; but in this case, it's an entirely suitable description for Schiff's commitment to liberty and free markets, which is not effective to that end. Yup, for sure: Schiff's an 80/20 guy.

    To wit: if you voice an opinion in the 80% of the liberty/free market genre in which Schiff is comfortable and versed (the Fed is bad!), he will agree wholeheartedly with you and wax poetic and passionately in support of that perspective. However, if you dare broach something in the 20% with which Schiff is entirely uncomfortable and clearly uninformed- i.e. foreign policy, or this posted example of someone who dared post a video of him saying something out loud (where was your outrage when you were videotaped expressing opinions to the OWS crowd Peter?)- you will see him squirm and whine like an RNC chairman overseeing a delegate selection process in which Ron Paul wins a majority.

    It's unbecoming, Peter. Have the conviction that liberty is good all the time, or don't.

    80/20 might be a suitable approach for diets, but it gets us Obama or Romney as president when applied to politics.